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The Elephant in Elizabeth Warren’s Room

The Elephant in Elizabeth Warren’s Room

Time Magazine recently ran a cover with a silhouette of Chris Christie with the headline, The Elephant in the Room.

It was, of course, a play on Christie’s weight without coming right out and saying it.

There’s also an elephant in Elizabeth Warren’s room, but you can’t weigh it in pounds.

It’s the thing Noam Scheiber apparently did not want to ask about, or at least write about, in his lengthy glowing write up about Elizabeth Warren’s presidential prospects, under this soon-to-be iconic cover.

New Republic Cover Elizabeth Warren Hillary's Nightmare

That thing, of course, is that for which Elizabeth Warren is best known outside the progressive circle of writers and friends, and about which she will be subject to scrutiny if she runs:  Her rip off of Native American identity to get herself on lists of Minority Law Teachers and Women of Color in Legal Academia as she was climbing the law school ladder.

There will be scrutiny unlike anything in the Massachusetts Senate race, where the Boston Globe perpetuated the myth that she was 1/32 Cherokee (she’s 0/32) and ran cover for her on the highly questionable claim of family lore.

Unlike in the Senate race, where the Brown campaign mostly tagged along after the research done by a small group of Cherokee genealogists and bloggers and tied the hands of outside groups through the “peoples’ pledge,” there will be no limitations on the teams of professional political researchers.

It’s a question of character that matters not a bit to progressives.  We’ll see how it plays out among the greater population who never tried to rig the system by claiming a false ethnic identity for employment purposes.

It’s the Fake Indian in the Room.   And it’s the thing progressives don’t want to talk about.

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MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 11, 2013 at 8:50 am

It’s not going to matter. Look at Obama. To introduce himself to America Obama wrote a book about himself in which he invented people and characters that don’t exist. Years later, before his re-election, a WaPo journalist chronicled all the lies, untruths, and fictional characters in the book. It did not matter. He won re-election despite obvious lies.

Or Cory Booker. In the stories he liked to tell about himself, Booker would regularly say that he befriended a drug dealer who goes by the street name “T-Bone”. Like Obama’s imaginary girlfriends from his book, T-Bone is a fictional character invented in Booker’s imagination. Of course, nobody cared. He won election despite this obvious lie.

Progressives don’t care about truth and character. It’s all about imposing their leftist religion. The ends justify the means.

So while I appreciate the effort to inform the public about Warren’s deception, at least 45% of the country simply do not care that they are lied to by their elected representatives. It’s sad. But I think it’s right.

    Yes, ten years ago who would have believed that Americans would elect as president an inexperienced, first-term senator and former law school teacher with a made-up life story and Ivy League credentials obtained through Affirmative Action and family connections?

    And yet here we are again.

    Don’t forget the fact that his book publisher’s web site had Soetero’s bio and it clearly stated he was born in Kenya… it was up on the web like that for something like six or eight years. I forget exactly how long it was up there but they WayBackMachine has it chronicled.

    But these days anybody who questions where he was born is called a racist moron… it was all just an oversight you see?

    How preposterous! Seriously imagine if you got your biography published by a major publishing house. Now imagine it was in the early, heady days of the Internet. What would you do? What would every single one of your family and friends do, repeatedly? Why you and they would go to your bio page and check it out of course! And they expect us to believe that the BS on the bio was an ‘accident’ and an ‘oversight?’ My ass.

    Sadly, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Warren’s duplicity in securing professorship’s based on a crucial false fact will play nicely as the level of corruption going on in higher ed generally becomes ever more apparent. Equity of credentials and creating desired political Worldviews via expensive coursework should increasingly be seen for what it is-an invisible, nonconsensual political coup.

Noetic system is the term the social science schemers have used for decades for what they are attempting to do via education. Alter values, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings to get at future behavior. No one teaching at Harvard when Warren was could be unaware of what was being sought. There’s even a term for it Action Research created by Chris Argyris in partnership with MIT’s Donald Schon decades ago.

legacyrepublican | November 11, 2013 at 9:16 am

Warren can’t run on Oklahoma values because she doesn’t have any. She exploited her connections to the state to claim a false Cherokee lineage using ignorance of the native territory.

I can remember back in ’75 visiting some students in Brookline, MA, who were honestly sure that back in Tucson, AZ, I and my fellow high school student carried six guns on our hips to school.

In other words, her Cherokee trick played well in the east, but will certainly fail in the west.

I really do think that will come back an bite her in the end.

    While I agree with you, I must ask what parts of the “west?” Actors sell well in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Never-the-less I hope you are correct, that the rest of the west will go against the fraud that is E. Warren

      freeinaz in reply to Aridog. | November 11, 2013 at 3:20 pm

      The biggest problem facing the west is the migration of the socialists from California infiltrating the surrounding states. Here in Arizona, so many of them have escaped the high taxes, the out of control government programs, and plain stupidity coming from Sacramento to only try and push the same stupidity here. It’s truly amazing some of the reasoning they give for it. They all think us Arizonans are backward in our free thinking and values, but the best way to explain it to them is with the question, “if it was so great in California why did you leave?”, then crickets…

Also don’t forget the lying POS from Connecticut Blumenthal, who lied many times publicly about serving in Vietnam. Integrity is not in the Demorat profile. Since Jimmy Carter there hasn’t been a major Dem who is not ethically challenged or devoid of any integrity. Does the name Slick Willie come to mind? Or how about his mate(?) Hillary? Do either of them have an ounce of integrity between them? What has happened to the judgement of the American people?

“It’s a question of character that matters not a bit to progressives.”
Indeed, indeed. To the left, telling lies is a virtue.

I would like to know if she is receiving any benefits from the tribe she claims to be from if she claims to be from one. You can only go back so far to do this.

    Semper Why in reply to Ike1. | November 11, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    She does not receive any benefits or recognition from any tribe. Tribe representatives were asked when this blew up the first time and they all replied that 1) They had no record of her family in their registers, and 2) Even if her claims were true, her claims weren’t enough to qualify her for membership.

    It seems that the only place where 1/32 is sufficient is at the affirmative action office.

A dismissive and pompous philosophy of “You didn’t build that” along with a ‘rigged’ persona is a MA type candidate ala Ted Kennedy meets grandma Khardashian.

What fool/s would vote for ‘this?’

That poster should read:

Our Nightmare!

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | November 11, 2013 at 11:26 am

I still have to say….

“Why oh why does Warren’s pics always make me wonder about the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath?”

If Dems follow true to form they will drown out the truth about Warren with a cacophony of lies. It worked twice. They’ll keep doing it.

Warren could lead the Million Lemming March.

I am personally going to enjoy watching Shrillary and Fauxahontas pull out the long knives and go after each other. I suspect that when they’re done the Tea Party nominee will only need to wash the pieces into the gutter with a garden hose. Maybe a little bleach to get the blood stains off the concrete.

I’ve got her campaign theme song right here:

After Obamacare implodes, the label of “affirmative action president” will have new significance whether it resonates on the left or not.

Bread and circuses come to mind.

The masses will sell their vote for bread and circuses according to Juvenal in 100 AD.

Of course, now it’s food stamps, cable TV, and cell phones… paid for by our the taxes of course.

There truly is nothing new under the sun.