Time Magazine recently ran a cover with a silhouette of Chris Christie with the headline, The Elephant in the Room.

It was, of course, a play on Christie’s weight without coming right out and saying it.

There’s also an elephant in Elizabeth Warren’s room, but you can’t weigh it in pounds.

It’s the thing Noam Scheiber apparently did not want to ask about, or at least write about, in his lengthy glowing write up about Elizabeth Warren’s presidential prospects, under this soon-to-be iconic cover.

New Republic Cover Elizabeth Warren Hillary's Nightmare

That thing, of course, is that for which Elizabeth Warren is best known outside the progressive circle of writers and friends, and about which she will be subject to scrutiny if she runs:  Her rip off of Native American identity to get herself on lists of Minority Law Teachers and Women of Color in Legal Academia as she was climbing the law school ladder.

There will be scrutiny unlike anything in the Massachusetts Senate race, where the Boston Globe perpetuated the myth that she was 1/32 Cherokee (she’s 0/32) and ran cover for her on the highly questionable claim of family lore.

Unlike in the Senate race, where the Brown campaign mostly tagged along after the research done by a small group of Cherokee genealogists and bloggers and tied the hands of outside groups through the “peoples’ pledge,” there will be no limitations on the teams of professional political researchers.

It’s a question of character that matters not a bit to progressives.  We’ll see how it plays out among the greater population who never tried to rig the system by claiming a false ethnic identity for employment purposes.

It’s the Fake Indian in the Room.   And it’s the thing progressives don’t want to talk about.

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