I am thrilled to have Legal Insurrection Editor Mandy Nagy as our Canto Talk guest this Thursday, Nov. 7th (7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST; click HERE for live show or podcast link).

The featured topic will be the fallout from the Obamacare implosion, including Mandy’s take on how the administration has responded in the aftermath of healthcare.gov‘s rollout, security concerns, and controversy surrounding the “you can keep your plan” promise.

We will also be covering the latest developments. This includes the breaking news that California Assemblyman Dan Logue is installing an “Obamacare Hotline.”

“Time and time again, I have warned California families that the Affordable Care Act would mean people losing their current health coverage, having to pay more out of pocket for lower quality care, an out-of-control government bureaucracy and rising costs for taxpayers,” said Logue. “Since the implementation of the ACA more than a month ago, the problems with Americans having difficulty accessing the website and signing up for a plan have been well documented. I want to hear from Californians everywhere what their experience has been so we can gauge the impacts of Obamacare by listening to people’s stories.”

Logue’s hotline is open to anyone throughout the State that would like to share first-hand the difficulties and frustrations they experienced since the implementation of the ACA.

The number for the Obamacare Hotline is 916-443-5688, and is open to the public. As far as I can tell, the digits do not translate into an insulting profanity, either.

Please join Mandy and our host, Silvio Canto Jr., for an entertaining and informative show!

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