By now the statements are legion.

You can keep your doctor and your insurance plan if you want to.  Guaranteed.

It was more of a “lie” than George W. Bush’s statements regarding Iraq having WMD stockpiles, which were in reliance on faulty intelligence that most Democrats and others in the world believed too.

With Obama, there was no bi-partisan cheering section as there was with Iraq.

There never was a basis for the categorical sales pitch.

To the contrary, a loud chorus of voices insisted that there was no basis for Obama’s statements and that the result would be what it is today: Millions and eventually possibly tens of millions of American will not get to keep their doctor and their insurance plan.

Obama himself played the central role in the creation of

Jonah Goldberg calls it possibly the greatest policy lie by any President ever.  It’s hard to dispute that.

To use the narrative of the left against Bush, Obama “lied us into” Obamacare. Except this time the “lied us into” sentence structure is a truthful assessment.

Ron Johnson (R-WI) is proposing the ‘If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act’:

“The ‘If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act’ will amend the law to make Obamacare live up to the promises of the politicians who sold the plan to the American public. I will file the bill in the coming week and hope to garner support from fellow Senators of both parties who truly want to make sure President Obama honors his promise that every American has the freedom to keep his or her own health care plan.”


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