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You might be a liberal if … you think the government “shutdown” is racist

You might be a liberal if … you think the government “shutdown” is racist

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Did you know that the government is shut down right now because the GOP is racist?!

Me neither. But that doesn’t stop liberals from *wishing* it were true. (Which is almost kind of like it is *actually* true, right?)

You too can become educated on the liberals’ narrative of the government shutdown, thanks to five liberal pundits who don’t know the difference between fact and fantasy.

Check out their pseudo-reality on the government shutdown below.

1) “It’s a government shut down / Because our president is brown”

Ah, lyrical eloquence set to rap music to explain what’s going on. I understand everything so much better, now.

Chris Paul Govt Shut Down Because Obama Is Brown

Chris Paul raps for “Morning Minute”:

Move Boehner, get out the way! / Get out the way, Boehner, get out the way!
It’s a government shut down / Because our president is brown
Republicans hate Obama so badly / They jeopardize the livelihood of thousands of families!
John Boehner, Speaker of the House? / Nothin’ but bull[bleep] comes outta his mouth!
Obamacare is law, but Boehner keeps hatin’ / Opposin’ health care? That sounds like Satan.

2) The GOP shutdown is “race-baiting”

Joah Walsh The Real Story of the Shutdown

Joan Walsh at Salon writes in an article titled “The real story of the shutdown: 50 years of GOP race-baiting”:

The simple truth is this: It’s the culmination of 50 years of evolving yet consistent Republican strategy to depict government as the enemy, an oppressor that works primarily as the protector of and provider for African-Americans, to the detriment of everyone else. The fact that everything came apart under our first African-American president wasn’t an accident, it was probably inevitable.”

Unfortunately, one bad article was not enough. She had to continue:

“Under so many rocks the GOP has thrown at Democratic presidents, you’ll find the moldy residue of racism. It’s a fact.”

3) You would have to be blind to think racism doesn’t play into the shutdown:

Anthea Butler, a professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, tweeted:

and later:

4) BS aside, it’s all about racism:

MSNBC host Ed Schultz wants us to “put all the BS aside,” (yes, can we?) and realize that “this is all about one thing,” which is “obstructing this president” because there is a “black man in the White House.” He continues his rant in the video below:

5) The GOP is not only racist, it also hates poor people:

Andrew Sullivan of The Dish reveals how Republicans actually have a “fathomless sense of entitlement” that makes them want to deny healthcare to poor people.

Andrew Sullivan The Nullification Party

“Except this time, of course, we cannot deny that race too is an added factor to the fathomless sense of entitlement felt among the GOP far right. You saw it in birtherism; in the Southern GOP’s constant outrageous claims of Obama’s alleged treason and alliance with Islamist enemies; in providing zero votes for a stimulus that was the only thing that prevented a global depression of far worse proportions; in the endless race-baiting from Fox News and the talk radio right. And in this racially-charged atmosphere, providing access to private healthcare insurance to the working poor is obviously the point of no return.”


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legacyrepublican | October 5, 2013 at 9:44 pm

Yes, just think of all those white government employees not getting any money right now!

Obama should be proud!

Boehner’s orange QT tan is an obvious racist taunt at our black president.

I can’t believe MSNBC’s geniuses haven’t figured this out.

What happens to a country when a large swath of it’s population suffers mass insanity, all at the same time?

I think we’re finding out.

This is where the taxpayer money goes:


(Click only if you can handle adult language)

First person who shouts “Racism!” has no argument. No, make that anyone how shouts “Racism!” has no argument.

That this blog is open for viewing when Dear Leader has decreed a shutdown is … what’s the word again?

Every time I hear the word “racism” I check to see if I still have my wallet.

    The accusation of “racism” has devolved into a simple extortion scheme exploited by an unscrupulous minority for their political and material benefit. Their racket has materially delayed full integration and sponsored development of prejudice in succeeding generations. They address people by the “color of their skin.” They treat human life as if it were a commodity. This is fundamental corruption.

The government “shutdown” was Obama and Reid’s action. They have refused to pass a budget. The government “sequester” was Obama’s action. It was his idea to coerce a consensus in order to pass Obamacare. It was Pelosi who requested our submission in order to learn its content. If we follow the muddled thinking of these men and women, then it is Obama, Reid, and majority of Democrats who are racist or rather prejudiced.

It’s a clump of policies. It is not viable. It is a burden. Dismember it. Vacuum it. Flush it. It’s a citizen’s right. Democrats are anti-citizen. They are anti-choice.

It’s a clump of cells. It is a human life from conception to death. Dismember it? Vacuum it? Flush it? It’s a woman’s right? Democrats are ghouls. They demand sacrificial rites. They choose to devalue human life.

Freddie Sykes | October 6, 2013 at 12:43 am

If it is burdensome to the point of racism to require a government issued photo-id to vote, isn’t it also racist to make the Web and a browser the main portal for applying Obamacare?

As I’ve seen said before many times, the 21st century definition of a racist is anyone who’s winning an argument with a leftist.

Well, you’re indoctrinated, a cultist or a moron if you believe it.

About half the country is.

I sense you are a young person, and there is a little trick I want to pass on to you that will save you many hours over your lifetime, in essence extending your life span.

On many internet articles there is a small three word entry between the headline and the first paragraph to let you know not to bother, what follows is utterly irrational nonsense that will leave you less intelligent than before reading it. It’s a divine timesaver, if you know the secret code words to look for:

“by Joan Walsh”

You’re welcome.

Anthea Butler: ” . . . that too.but you’d have to be blind not to think race does not play into this stupidity.”

I have to agree with her conclusion, but I doubt that she shares my definition of “the stupidity” as “Pavlovian race-mongering.”

    Sally MJ in reply to bobby b. | October 6, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Exactly. To rephrase Butler: “You’d have to be blind not to think stupidity does not play into this so-called racism.”

The term “post racial”, in the (s)election of barack obama-barry soetero (pick one) was (it seems) misconstrued. Evidently, what it means to the Left, of any color is, Anything you POST in today’s world is RACIAL.

All of the knuckleheads who contort their thinking of the shutdown as being racist have no critical thinking skills. They resort only to name calling and hiding behind a black shroud of willful ignorance.
I would never feel sorry for stupid unless born that way.

For the record in case there are still some blacks who can see beyond their black faces in the mirror and in the media:

The shutdown is solely about how our tax revenue is spent.

One side has the idea that we should reign in spending to save the fiscal future of our country along with its security in the world, cut taxes to create economic growth for everyone and to stop the train wreck called the ACA.

The other side wants the opposite and responds to any middle ground with a government blackout called “No.”

So, because the government shut down 17 times under Carter, Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Clinton, that must mean Americans hate white presidents 1700% more than black ones. And that the Democrat House and the Democrat Senate were incredibly racist against Democrat President Jimmy Carter.

Nice to see the blatant racism by Joan at Salon. It’s good to know the “progressives” feel confident enough in their control to let their real feelings show.

The fact that everything came apart under our first African-American president wasn’t an accident, it was probably inevitable.

I see it as cranking up their base to cocmpensate for the energization that the Tea Party is getting from all this. Every day we get more stories about ssme new government shutdown heros. We had WWII vets, then Vietnam Vets, and now people tossing in S. Dakota. I expect that as a result, the calls to Congress right now are running many to one in favor of the Republicans. So, how to get the Dem based fired up to do their own flooeding their calls, etc? Code word “Racist”.

Yes, I do think that some on the left do tthink that the shutdown is racist. Someone above suggested that Republicans felt entitled. Which, of course, in this context, is extreme projection, with a lot of the zero information voters reelecting President Obama voting to maintain and expand theirr entitlements, for free housing, free food, free medical care, free ObamaPhone, etc. And, that, of course, is somewhat (thought not that much) at risk here. It should be, but isn’t. The feeling of entitlement, of course, is to the fruits of other people’s labors, apparentlly just because they voted for Obama, and maybe because they were born with the wrong skin pigment.

[…] You might be a liberal if … you think the government “shutdown” is racist Did you know that the government is shut down right now because the GOP is racist?! […]

…Or you might be an indoctrinated fool.