We reported on this before.  Health insurance execs afraid to talk on record about Obamacare computer problems.

CNN reports today, White House Pressuring Insurance Companies To Not Criticize ObamaCare:

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST: Now more breaking news, evidence that the Obama administration is leaning on insurance companies to keep a lid on problems with the healthcare law rollout. Now Drew Griffin on CNN’s investigations did the reporting. So Drew, What’s going on here, what have you learned?

DREW GRIFFIN: Anderson, what’s going on is behind the scenes attempt by the White House to at least keep insurers from publicly criticizing what is happening on this Affordable Care Act rollout. Basically, if you speak out, if you are quoted, you’re going to get a call from the White House, pressure to be quiet. Several sources tell me and my colleague Chris Frates that insurance executives are being told to keep quiet….

Why would the insurance industry be worried?

Maybe because like all Obama critics, they are only one speech away from being demonized.

And it looks like that speech has taken place, Obama blames ‘bad apple insurers’ for canceled insurance plans:

President Obama tried a new tack Wednesday as he fought back against criticism of his Obamacare claims.

Fact-checkers and journalists have ruled that Obama wasn’t being truthful when he claimed that people who liked their insurance could keep it. Obama during a speech in Boston sought to cast the issue Wednesday as trying to weed out “bad apple insurers” who don’t provide enough coverage.

(feature image source: YouTube)


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