There was one singularly most important aspect of the Obamacare computer problems detailed in this NY Times article, From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal.

NY Times From Start Signs of Trouble

Not this:

In March, Henry Chao, the chief digital architect for the Obama administration’s new online insurance marketplace, told industry executives that he was deeply worried about the Web site’s debut. “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience,” he told them.

Not this:

Even some supporters of the Affordable Care Act worry that the flaws in the system, if not quickly fixed, could threaten the fiscal health of the insurance initiative, which depends on throngs of customers to spread the risk and keep prices low.

This (emphasis mine):

These are not glitches,” said an insurance executive who has participated in many conference calls on the federal exchange. Like many people interviewed for this article, the executive spoke on the condition of anonymity, saying he did not wish to alienate the federal officials with whom he works. “The extent of the problems is pretty enormous. At the end of our calls, people say, ‘It’s awful, just awful.’ ”

Why would he be afraid?

Well, just ask any journalist who dares even ask a hard question of the Obama administration, like Ed Henry of Fox News, via Mediaite:

Ed Henry walks out of press briefing

Carney’s snub of TV reporters Wednesday followed recent sharp exchanges with some TV reporters, particularly Ed Henry, whom Carney repeatedly posed as a partisan opponent. At Friday afternoon’s long-delayed briefing, Carney had gone through every TV reporter when Ed Henry began to ask his question. He got out “Jay…” before Carney called on The Chicago Tribune‘s Christi Parsons, and as she asked her question, Henry could be seen shaking his head.

Henry tried again on the next question, and when Carney ignored him again, Henry smiled, got up, and walked out.

While Fox News hasn’t always gotten a question at presidential press conferences, this was the first time in memory that a Fox News reporter wasn’t called on at a daily briefing.

Ed Henry walks out of press briefing screen shot

Or just ask other journalists, assuming they are not too scared, about how their sources have dried up:

“This is the most closed, control freak administration I’ve ever covered,” said David E. Sanger, veteran chief Washington correspondent of The New York Times.

Or ask Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status.

Or veterans trying to visit the WWII Memorial.

Among Obamacare’s many problems, technology is the least of it.

Obamacare vests more power in more bureaucracies which have shown themselves willing and able to act with petty vindictiveness, spite and political partisanship.

Nice little medical condition you have there.  Would be a shame if that leaked out.


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