Press conference now over. If you missed it, you missed one of the most demeaning, pejorative performances I’ve ever seen by any President. I say “one of” because it’s possible there’s a more snide performance I’ve forgotten.

But today was memorable.

Just more of the eliminationist rhetoric about ransoms and extortion and so on. And with one exception, all of the questions were completely soft-ball.

Obama Presser analysis in one Tweet:

Nile Gardner got the headline right (via Fuzzy):

President Obama throws a tantrum


These were my feelings during the press conference as well:

Updates in reverse chron:


Before the start:

In a hastily called press conference, Obama is expected to reiterate that he will not negotiate with Republicans unless and until a “clean” Continuing Resolution is passed and the debt ceiling raised without condition.

That’s the message The White House sent out this morning, with Obama calling John Boehner to tell him that there will be no negotiation:

It is not surprising that Obama is seeking press coverage explaining why he will not negotiate, as Obama’s no-negotiation posture is hurting him, as even Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine recognizes:

… House Republicans may have a better sound-bite message. Last night I listened to a short radio news report, and it summarized the position of the two parties as follows: Republicans want to negotiate, and Democrats refuse…. Obama’s message is currently complicated — negotiate this, not that — while Boehner’s is simple….

Obama has a problem going simple because he and Democrats have so demonized Republicans and the Tea Party as terrorists that Obama has left himself on a ledge where he either jumps and takes the country with him, or he negotiates with terrorists.


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