Laurel documented the other day the extreme language and demonization of Republicans coming from the highest levels of the Democratic Party, The new civility: Dems turn public debate into schoolyard taunts:

1. “Unhinged” Arsonists (Wasserman-Schultz)
2. Insane People Who “Have Lost their Minds” (Harry Reid)
3. “People with a Bomb Strapped to their Chest” (aka Terrorists)(Dan Pfeiffer)
4. Blatant Extortionists (Jay Carney)
5. “Legislative Arsonists” (Nancy Pelosi)

No longer is it just the deeper reaches of the left-blogosphere, it’s the ranking Democratic members of the House and Senate, and the White House, trying to paint Republicans as criminals.

The mainstream left media also has become unhinged, like Andrew Sullivan’s rant that the Elephant must be taken down for good:

This time, the elephant must go down. And if possible, it must be so wounded it does not get up for a long time to come.

But it’s qualitatively different when the extreme rhetoric comes from the most senior Democratic politicians and their spokesmen, not just “the base.”

Remember when the left used to accuse the right of eliminationist language?  Of inciting violence (even though there never was any Tea Party violence)?  Of practicing the Paranoid Style of politics?

Nowadays, it’s from the left, and not just any left, the mainstream of the Democratic Party on the floor of the House, accusing Republicans of practicing Jihad:

Dog whistles, anyone?  Or maybe, drones?

Brit Hume has noted this as well.

It’s paying dividends, via The Hill:

Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) said Wednesday on the House floor that his district office in Texas was vandalized and blamed rising tensions over the government shutdown.

“It’s a shame that the level of discourse in our nation have come to this, that the office of my district office in Cleburne, Texas, would be the victim of hateful anti-Republican vandalism by anonymous individuals,” he said on the House floor.

“House Republicans have been called extortionists, terrorists, drunks, kidnappers, anarchists, and the list goes on,” he said. “I understand that this government shutdown has caused uncertainty and tension for hundreds of thousands of Americans, but this type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.

The other day I noted that there was very little societal fabric left to tear because of the eliminationist rhetoric, and the breaches of congressional taboos by Harry Reid and others.

With each passing day the Democratic Party tears at what remains.


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