The Syrian Electronic Army seems poised to stir up trouble as the world continues to debate over what to do about Syria.

The pro-Assad group of hackers posted this cryptic tweet earlier today.

The group warned last week that it may retaliate using “methods of causing harm” for the US economy if the US does strike Syria.

The FBI issued an advisory last week, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness of the potential for SEA’s attacks on targets and urging organizations to take appropriate security precautions.  It also warned that groups or individuals sympathetic to the SEA may also be observed participating in attacks on US websites and networks.


The SEA has been around for a couple of years and has a history of targeting social media accounts and websites of Western news outlets and other companies.

Earlier this week, SEA claimed credit for the defacement of the US Marines recruitment website, in which users were directed to propaganda from SEA suggesting that US military members defy orders and consider the Syrian army an ally rather than an enemy.

The group also recently disrupted Twitter, the NY Times, and the Huffington Post UK by targeting Melbourne IT, a domain registrar associated with those companies.


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