… she will have an enthusiastic base behind her.

Via Chris Cillizza, Why you shouldn’t underestimate Elizabeth Warren:

When we first put freshman Sen. Elizabeth Warren on our rankings of the 10 Democrats most likely to wind up as the party’s presidential nominee in 2016, many people scoffed….

But, a new Quinnipiac poll proves why Warren would be formidable in 2016 if she decided to run. Using a feeling thermometer — 0 meaning you feel totally cold about a politician, 100 meaning you feel warmly (aka) strong favorably toward a pol — Quinnipiac tested the majority of major national figures.

Warren finished third — behind only New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (53.1 degrees) and Hillary Clinton (52.1 degrees).  She finished ahead of, among others, President Obama, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Vice President Joe Biden.

Here’s why the thermometer matters — and matters for Warren in particular.  It’s a measure of passion, which is, of course, the sine qua non of politics. While passion isn’t everything — fundraising matters, organization matters — it’s hard to get elected to anything without passionate supporters.

We never have underestimated Warren, or the willingness of her base to ignore her past history of falsely claiming to be Native American and misrepresentation of her career.  (I’m not going to repeat all the details now, just go to ElizabethWarrenWiki.org, which we will be updating and expanding in the coming months.)

Warren has met our expectations in the Senate, bringing to bear her unique ability to demagogue issues like student loans, the minimum wage and regulatory enforcement to create YouTube moments which send tingles up the legs of the progressive movement.

The ethnic cleansing of her Wikipedia entry by supporters, and the media meme that Warren was aggressive while Ted Cruz was offensive, were early signs that the movement would do whatever it takes for her.

Since soon after Warren’s election we have expected the progressive money and media machine to thrust Warren to the top of the Democratic heap if she chooses to run.  We don’t see Warren running if Hillary runs, but if Hillary doesn’t run, watch out.

We’re sticking by that scenario.

And preparing for the worst case scenario.