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Things you probably missed this weekend

Things you probably missed this weekend

Almost certainly.

There couldn’t possibly be any other reason why they didn’t show her the $38,000 pocketbook:

Have you hugged your College Insurrection bloggers today?

Woe is me my friend:

Miserable _____ (fill in blank):

Truth is stranger than fiction:

In our lifetime?


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Rush Limbaugh said it best. He said if he had gone into a store and had NOT been recognized, he’d have jumped for joy! When people tend to “know who you are” … when you’re just out shopping … The thrill of celebrity is gone. And, the recognitions tend to get annoying.

Here’s another example. As Reagan became sicker with Alzheimer’s he’d freak out when strangers approached him and acted friendly. Scared him, actually. (Except when it was children.)

But keep in mind that being approached and recognized is NOT a particularly pleasant thing.

IF the clerk didn’t recognize Orca, she should have been thrilled.

And, I guess it proves yet again Americans aren’t racists, because most of the time Orca gets recognized, and not just by paparazzi. Where the “click” means money.

Carol, that is so rude and racist too! Not only have you compared Oprah to another more likable mammal, but also one known as blackfish. LOL!!

“I was denied access to that $38,000 purse and for the first time I truly understood how Emmett Till felt when they put that noose around his neck.”

DouglasJBender | August 12, 2013 at 5:50 pm

The Swedish clerk who is implicated in the “denial of the Oprah” has stated that Oprah is lying. First of all, it struck me as curious that someone would deny anyone the chance to view, and possibly purchase, a $38,000 or so purse. (But that also speaks to Oprah’s extravagance, that she would even consider a purse that cost $38,000. If she was mugged, she’d tell the thief to take all her money in the purse, but please, don’t take my purse.) Selling such a purse would be a hefty sale, and I suppose add a nice amount to the salesperson’s commission (if that is the arrangement). Even more relevant, though, isn’t it curious that this 1950s sort of racist denial of a black woman would occur right in the midst of Oprah’s marketing of her new movie about racism, “The Butler”? Must be purely coincidental, of course.

    I don’t know the truth of the matter, but it seems that Oprah seems to be discriminated against just when she’s promoting something. I don’t spend money on movies about how bad whites have treated blacks simply because I can hear the from Jackson and Sharpton for free anytime.

She is so tiresome, such is the case with new money ( snicker ).

Remember how Sarah Palin was attacked for spending “too much” on clothes during the campaign? Can you imagine if Sarah Palin was even in a store that sold $38,000.00 purses.

The media attacks would have been unmerciful.

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