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“Thank You Leslie and Aleister” Week at College Insurrection

“Thank You Leslie and Aleister” Week at College Insurrection

Leslie Eastman, who writes for Legal Insurrection and has her own blog, Temple of Mut, and Aleister from American Glob, both help run College Insurrection, including gathering the stories we aggregate there.

In preparing this week’s College Insurrection “Week” post, I realized once again the great job Leslie and Aleister do at finding interesting stories.  My thanks to them for their efforts.

Never give up:

Cause or effect? Bryan went to Auburn:

Extremism in the defense of free speech is no vice:

I think Berkeley Profs are even greater threats:

He gropes, therefore he is:

Some dare call it reverse racism:

Just after they left the campus protest against NSA snooping:

What is this, North Korea? (No, it’s worse, Massachusetts):

Best economic plan yet, helps lower unemployment rate:

The day after graduation they will realize that the party’s over:

Mistake No. 1, applying:


This kid has no future in Obamerica:

Anthony Weiner is playing his sad trombone:

Breaking, Water is Wet!

Headline of the week:

As College Insurrection is approaching its first year anniversary, Leslie invited Aleister to be the featured guest on’s popular nightly show, Canto Talk, of which Leslie is the executive producer. They talked about College Insurrection and a variety of other issues. (Jump ahead to 7:45 for discussion of College Insurrection)


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BannedbytheGuardian | August 10, 2013 at 7:43 pm

The best college story of the week if not he year was the Millipede University of Decatur Illinois ( auto correct got this one good ) that was notified that their head of behavioural sciences was ……..wait for it ……..

A serial mass killer B grade ( minus one point as serial is usually 4 ) .

Prof James St James ( !!!) killed his family once ( so far only once ) because……

Dad – would not let him go to a Peace March

Mom- she chewed food annoyingly

Sis – she had a bad accent.

On being informed Millipede college says he is in fact a wonderful example of going to college improving one’s life.

Renaissance Man .