That seems to be how this thing is going to develop.

Private citizen Hillary is just going about her private business, helping establish the pantsuit as cultural icon and just chilling. The rebranding thing is really hard work.

All the while, hapless fall-guy John Kerry travels the Globe trying to clean up the mess Hillary left behind.  The Butler did it!

Meanwhile, Hillary’s “independent” surrogates and groupies are laying the foundation for the People to rise up and DEMAND that Hillary run:

Via Rick Klein, Pro-Hillary Clinton Efforts Whir to Life with Iowa Campaigning:

Friday morning, as Washington slumbers through recess and public attention even in Iowa is far from presidential politics, a group of Democratic activists and office-holders will gather in Des Moines to discuss a topic very much on their minds – and now on their agenda: “Madam President.”

Organizers aren’t naming this hypothetical president. But they don’t have to, of course.

Meet the shadow campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Just beneath the surface, and without evidence of direct involvement by the Clintons themselves, a Clinton machine is whirring to life. A series of self-started, independent ventures are adding up to a sweeping effort to unite all levels of the Democratic establishment behind a candidacy that backers hope and trust they’ll have a chance to support….

… a series of prominent Democrats aligned with the Clintons – Harold Ickes, James Carville, Ann Lewis, Cheryl Mills, and Craig Smith among them – are acting as facilitators, channeling friends and allies toward entities that are working for a possible candidacy, according to numerous Democrats in and around the Clinton orbit.

They need for us to prove to her that we are worthy of having her run:

“It will show that there is what we think is very broad and deep support for Hillary, and it will encourage others to come forward and register their support for Hillary,” Ickes said. “More important, it is to show Hillary that there is broad and deep support. She knows how ephemeral polls can be, and how ephemeral public support can be.”

“Hopefully she will conclude that she should run for president,” added Ickes, who stressed that he has no direct knowledge of Clinton’s 2016 plans.

Sometime in 2015, the groundswell will be too large for Hillary to Just Say No.

But as of now, we still are not worthy.


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