This week, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, is hosting an exhibition of pantsuits and other designs by fashion designer and close friend to the Clintons, Oscar de la Renta.

De la Renta’s teal pantsuit design was one of the iconic Hillary looks — one that some might say defined the presidential hopeful’s 90s look. But the rebranding gurus brought out the big guns — including Vogue magazine’s Anna Wintour — to tell the public that the pantsuit is cool.

Hillary pants suit exhibit

The William J. Clinton Presidential center’s exhibition comes at a time when the rebranding of Hillary is being pursued with renewed passion. A lull had ensued after the “Texts from Hillary” site dwindled, but a new campaign, “Ready for Hillary,” launched weeks ago and now the pantsuit project both are addressing the core challenges she faces: connection with the Clinton corruption clique, failure at health-care reform where Obama “succeeded,” questionable feminist decisions, and a generally tired brand.

If they can renew the pantsuit, they might be able to convince the public that Hillary can come back, too.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Center hosting the pantsuit project is one of 13 presidential libraries that cost taxpayers $75 million per year to operate. Denise Rich, who was pardoned by Bill Clinton at the end of the president’s tenure, pledged $450,000 for the initial construction of the center.

How does it feel to know, as a U.S. taxpayer, you’re funding part of Hillary’s pantsuit project propaganda? Sequester, anyone?


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