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Erdogan blames the Jews for Egypt and he has video! (so do we)

Erdogan blames the Jews for Egypt and he has video! (so do we)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you repeatedly about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his administration:

Now he’s at it again, blaming Israel and a French Jewish philosopher for Egypt’s troubles, via WaPo:

Turkey’s prime minister on Tuesday accused Israel of being behind the ouster of Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, offering as the only evidence for his claim a statement by a Jewish French intellectual during a meeting with an Israeli official.

In the nationally televised speech, Recep Tayyip Erdogan also took a swipe at Muslim nations, accusing them of betraying Egypt by supporting the country’s military-backed new leaders.

The evidence Erdogan gave for the alleged Israeli involvement was a meeting in France before elections in Egypt in 2011 between an Israeli justice minister and an unnamed intellectual whom he quoted as saying the Muslim Brotherhood would not be in power even if it wins elections.

“What is said about Egypt? That democracy is not the ballot box. Who is behind this? Israel is. We have the evidence in our hands,” Erdogan said in a televised address to officials from his Islamic-rooted, ruling party. “That’s exactly what happened.”

An aide later told The Associated Press that the evidence Erdogan was referring to was a video “available on the Internet” of a press conference by Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and French philosopher and author Bernard-Henri Levy.

This appears to be the video to which Erdogan was referring, just posted to YouTube by someone who obviously agrees with Erdogan:

Interview with Tzipi Livni earlier foreign minister and french writer Bernard-Henri Levy at 2 June 2011.No need for comments about whos behind what.

Who knew that a French Jewish philosopher held such sway over the Egyptian military and tens of millions of Egyptians who took to the streets against Morsi.

The full 1.5 hour discussion is here, and was a wide-ranging discussion about the future of democracy in the Middle East, very little of which concerned Egypt (the excerpt above starts here).


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Phillep Harding | August 20, 2013 at 12:31 pm

If the Jewish diaspora is the problem, perhaps they should all be allowed back where they originally came from. Like that chunk of land presently called Palestine, and the Palestinians allowed to move to a Moslem country. Like Turkey.

    You forgot Northern Jordan, which was always part of Jewish Kingdoms. Lebanon is also part of the Land of Israel, but I’m not sure it ever was in fact.

Erdogan, as we know, was never a moderate and always an islamist. He only masked his extremism enough to fool the Europeans, which wasn’t so much. That Obama considers him a close friend is quite telling.

He is in fact the poster child for the type of person the great modern Turkish leader Kemal Ataturk sought to keep out of public life. Turkish society was structured around modern institutions, but with a military which defended the nation against threats both from without and within. A decade of Erdogan has practically defanged the military, though, and oppressed opposition media to the point he has control of the state now and feels he doesn’t have to pretend any longer (especially since the long desired invitation to join the EU seems neither very likely nor as inviting as it once appeared).

Perhaps Turkey’s people have a revolution in them. I doubt the army has the secular leadership left to depose the despot.

Maybe, Bibi will call him and apologize?

Obama isn’t going to apologize to Bibi.

And, Turkey is in NATO. So I’ll guess the EU is as amused as can be at this.

While Jordan’s trained 3,000 soldiers to rapel into Syria. And, they’ll set up a separate capital. (Da-ha-ha). As soon as “no fly pants” gives the order.

Oh, yes. Israel did this by sending in Cairo, killer pigeons.

The jackass media isn’t jackass enough, yet.

I know Turks who are not happy with Erdogan or his regime. Whether secularist Turks have a revolution in them, now that Erdogan appears to control the army, is another question.

If one wants a good laugh catch the YouTube vid of Erdogan getting kicked in the nuts by a horse. He’s been crushed nuts ever since!

Now some arab commentator on al Jezeera (Jis all the time) is claiming al-Sissi in Egypt is a Jew.

Wow! Jews are really somethin’ else.

First we call down the ten plagues on Egypt, then drown the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. Then Isaiah prophecies that Egyptians will fight brother against brother and now it’s happening in real time as we watch! Jews are ruining Egypt all over again. Talk about history repeating itself.

Tells me Jews are the muslim hordes’ bête noir, their nightmare come to life. They are obsessed with Jews. Still can’t get over the fact Jews rejected Mohammed, even after he incorporated parts of the jewish religion into islam.

Guess allah just can’t stand up to a real GOD.

From Commentary Magazine:

… in a cover story interview with Time Magazine, Obama told a fawning Fareed Zakaria that Erdoğan was someone with whom he had become friends and forged “bonds of trust.”

Al-Jazeera Commentator, Former MB Official, Gamal Nassar:

Al-Sisi Is Jewish, Implementing Protocols of Elders of Zion in Egypt

Zippy Lippy (sp) is the Israeli version of Hillary Clinton, with half the cunning and twice the naivete’.

Henry Hawkins | August 20, 2013 at 4:45 pm

I typically eat lunch at my desk in my office, followed by a walk down to the Kangaroo store for a coffee and a bag of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies to take back and enjoy while I make a second, 15 minute run thru the blogs and sites I follow.

Well today, as I went to pull my bag of Famous Amos, I was beaten to the last bag by a young fellow wearing a NYU tee shirt, dammit. I settled for pecan sandies and left the store, in time to see the young man get into a car with NJ plates at the gas pumps. On the back of his car was an AIPAC bumper sticker.

So far, after a long life paying close attention, this is the only actual evidence I have of what I see referred to all over media as the Evil Jews.

Dem Juice! What a people dem Juice is! They control the world, even dem Muslims who want to kill them!

I just heard that the head of the Israeli Labor Party (the party of Ben-Gurion) spoke before the anti-Israel organization J-Street. What gives?

It’s cut off before Tsippy gets to say something? What did she say? (Not that anyone in Israel cares.)