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Turkish Prime Minister drops what little is left of his moderate mask

Turkish Prime Minister drops what little is left of his moderate mask

Just yesterday I pointed out that the Turkish gov’t again proves how far it has slipped, after its Foreign Minister again lashed out at Israel in overtly religious terms

Don’t blame the Foreign Minister, the anti-Israel rhetoric emanates from the top, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, someone we have covered many times here:

What little pretense of moderation was left just dropped, as Erdogan himself attacked Israel, calling it a “spoiled child,” as reported by The Times of Israel:

Turkey’s prime minister berated Israel Sunday over its alleged air strike on Syria and likened the government in Jerusalem to a “spoiled child.”

In his first response to last Wednesday’s apparent attack on Syrian targets, which was widely attributed to Israel, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the raid was illegal according to international law.

“Anything could happen in the region,” he told members of the press at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. “Those who treated the Israeli government like a spoiled child should know that history will not forgive Israel’s state structure.”

Perhaps Erdogan has forgotten that under his rule Turkey has attacked Kurdish rebels in other countries, particularly Iraq, and still illegally occupies part of Cyprus.

The rhetoric from Turkish leaders is becoming more and more dangerous.


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Well, Mr. Obama is on record saying “when the winds change, I will stand with the Muslims”. No doubt, the Turkish PM has read that line and knows the full meaning of it.

Mr. Obama didn’t say he would stand with America, he said “Muslims” meaning Shariah law, meaning anti-Israel. The Turkish PM knows all this.

So why is he saying what he is saying with no impunity, because he knows Barry feels the same as he does.

Well, Barry is no Othello with regard to the Turks.

As for for the Turks, Ataturk notwithstanding, one must member the story in which one character said, ‘well, you knew I was a snake.” The poison was never extracted from Turkish society. Instead, it remained pooled noxiously beneath the surface gradually working its way to the top. Ataturk never did convert Turkey into Constantinople. He just gave it the illusion of non-toxicity. Now the illusion is gone, and it is better for the world to look into the face of the snake without deceiving itself that the snake is a mongoose.

Same could be said of Barry Fudd.

Times of Israel asks of Assad: “Why don’t you use the same power that you use against defenseless women against Israel?”

That question should be asked of all followers of Mohammedanism.

That question should be asked by the UN, US, UK, every other nation and person that professes to value human rights and justice.

The fact that it is not, reveals the fact that the West and the UN are willfully blind and shameless hypocrites.

Human life is valued nowadays only by whether it toes the ephemeral Political Correct line that has no rational, logical, moral consistency, but changes over time with the ebb and flow of dollars and political power and the latest interpretation of the law.

With the PC crowd, ‘women’s rights’ really means the right to contraception, abortion, to be a lesbian or a combat soldier.

The UN and PC crowd completely ignores Islam’s violations of women’s true human rights – the basic right to justice, equality, safety, to be treated with respect, not as a sex object, to vote, drive, work, get an education.