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Turkish Foreign Minister salutes “all those martyrs who were killed for the holy territories”

Turkish Foreign Minister salutes “all those martyrs who were killed for the holy territories”

More Turkish hypocrisy and absurdity on display

Yesterday was other-worldly, watching the sick march of hypocrisy on display at the U.N. for the vote in the General Assembly to grant “Palestine” nonmember state status.

Of course, “Palestine” already declared independence in 1988 and that declaration was recognized by almost all of the 138 countries that voted “yes” yesterday.

What was other worldly was watching the speech of the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.  I watched it live.  I haven’t been able to find a link to the text, but it was unreal, talking about the inalienable rights of peoples to a state. 

This is the same Turkey which brutally supresses the Kurdish independence movement both inside Turkey and neighboring states, and which has threatened in the past to go to war if Kurds in neighboring Iraq established their own state.

The same Turkey whose Prime Minister declared Israel a “terrorist state” because it defended itself against hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza, even though Turkey retaliated against Syria when a handful of shell landed on Turkish territory, and which repeatedly has launched retaliatory attacks against Kurdish rebels in Iraq.

The same Turkey which has threatened military action over Israel’s exploration for natural gas in conjunction with Greek Cyprus. The same Turkey which continues to occupy the northern part of Cyprus.

The same Turkey which threatened to send warships to break Israel’s military blockade of Gaza, a blockade which even the U.N. found to be legal.

The same Turkey whose Islamist ruling party has been methodically destroying secular institutional counterweights.

There was a parade of hypocrites yesterday, but none more so than Turkey.

David Goldman notes:

Here’s an essay contest, for which I personally will offer a $100 prize. Write 1,000 words on the subject, “Why the Palestinians Deserve an Independent State and the Kurds Do Not.”
Explain why the Kurds should not have an independent state, despite these facts:

1) There are 35 million Kurds, as opposed to perhaps six million Palestinian Arabs by the broadest definition;
2) The Kurds are an ethnic group distinct from Turks, Arabs, or Persians;
3) Perhaps 40,000 Kurdish militants have died at the hands of Turkish security forces during the past twenty years battling against Turkey for an independent Kurdish state;
4) The Kurds speak a distinct language and have a distinct culture;
5) Saddam Hussein killed up to 300,000 Iraqi Kurds, including by poison gas attacks on civilians;
6) The Iraqi Kurds have governed themselves successfully in northern Iraq since Saddam Hussein was overthrown by the American-led coalition in 2003.

This would be the same Turkish Foreign Minister who, in a reception honoring the vote, praised “martyrs” who died for the “holy territories” (emphasis mine):

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was present at a reception held at a Turkish residence in New York in honor of the United Nations voting to grant Palestine non-member observer state status.

“We have attended many receptions so far, but this one is the most meaningful and historical reception I’ve ever attended,” Davutoğlu said in a salute to Palestinian people living in West Bank and Gaza. “This victory is thanks to all those martyrs who were killed for the holy territories. This is only a beginning. I hope we will see the Palestinian flag waving in all UN institutions as a full member,” he said.

This would be the same Turkey whose Prime Minister has been described as one of Obama’s five closest international friends.

Like I said, plenty of hyprocrisy to go around.


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It doesn’t take a prophet to see that war coming, not like the small regional wars of the past 70 years but entire continents in flame.

The leaders in Turkey want to get out in front on the whole New Caliphate deal.

Yeah, THOSE kinds of delusions… Very dangerous. Very.

Dear Islamists & Muslims of Most Stripes: WTF is it about those pesky Juden that just ‘Gets Ya’, Bros?? That Ancient-Historic Homeland of the aforementioned rascally Juden is a booming, blossoming, SUCCESSFUL economic and democratic Marvel. Is it EVER going to be possible for you dreary folks of Malignant Belligerent Self-Pity to take care of your own and stop wishing several million democracy loving, freedom treasuring Jews DEATH??

No way, huh? Okay, Losers, you shall reapeth what you seweth.

If it weren’t for hypocrisy like this Islamists, like leftists, wouldn’t have any standards at all.

At least Israel knows that they are nearly on their own now. Despite an overwhelming majority of Americans that support Israel’s right to exist and have defensible borders (and share a mutual disgust with the strategy and tactics of the Arabs), the leadership in Washington clearly intends to let the Arab and Persian Islamists ethnically cleanse Israel of those pesky Jews.

Broken record alert. I’ve heard cries to leave the UN as far back as I have followed politics. At what point does one decide to leave an organization with which he has been a member for years, decades even? The stereotype of the country club that loses membership when allowing blacks/Jews/women/Democrats/Republicans/Puerto Ricans/pick a group in is tired and stale, but it does illustrate a point. That same point is illustrated by the stereotype of the person who quits the country club for barring membership from those deemed undesirable or unworthy of inclusion.

The point is, there are lines that we should not cross. Toleration and inclusion of tyrants in a body that is supposedly for world peace are grounds to leave that group. Harassment of peaceful members, in order to appease tyrants within and without the body is another justification for leaving that group.

I wonder if we could define a point at which the U.S. would leave the UN?

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s concern for Palestinian self-determination reflects Hitler’s concern for the Sudeten Germans, for both ostensible and obvious reasons.

BannedbytheGuardian | November 30, 2012 at 6:07 pm

In 1915 Churchill planned to cut off The Ottomans from Kaiser ‘s influence physically & psychologically.

His grand plan was very far sighted & strategic . However it cost the lives of tens of thousands of British Empire & made him a hated man throughout Britain Australia & NZ. Outsiders don’t understand this one reason he was ostrasized during the post WW1 period.

By 1915 the Ottoman military was good at defending based on both natural & built defenses but the defenders of Gallipoli were falling apart whereas the Empire troops on the beach trenches below we’re holding on systematically even though being slaughtered.

On the hilltop defense positions an officer rose up to take control of the disarray around him .He would hang on till the invaders evacuated .

That ordinary non elite Officer went on to become known as Ataturk who destroyed the Ottomans from the inside.

The successful evacuation by sea of tens of thousands at Gallipoli became the blueprint for Dunkirk.

One hundred years later here we are again.