A verdict has been returned in Florida v. Zimmerman:


The State prosecutors, including the until recently rarely-seen Angela Corey, are currently providing interviews to the press, essentially re-arguing their catastrophically failed courtroom arguments. From this commentator’s perspective, they are simply in complete denial and/or in full-blown CYA mode, no matter how often they say they respect the decision of the jury.

It is also remarkable how frequently both Angela Corey and Bernie de la Rionda are explicitly re-affirming their support of the Second Amendment and self-defense–perhaps they sense the “seething rage, ill-will, spite, and hatred” they may well have engendered among the community of law-abiding gun-owners and CWL owners in Florida.

Reactions from around the web can be found at this post: includes press conference videos of key people connected to the trial, photos of demonstrators outside the Florida courthouse, tweets/photos/videos related to current and scheduled “Justice for Trayvon” marches, verdict reactions from Twitter and embedded feeds for key Twitter hashtags. It will continue to be updated.

The Prof. will have his post in the morning as he’s stuck at O’Hare Airport now, but quickly adds:

The just verdict was reached. As I have said repeatedly, this was a case that never should have been brought. It’s not too early to demand an inquiry into the prosecution of this case. Angela Corey should resign.

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