In the wake of Saturday’s not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, demonstrations to protest the outcome have erupted all across the country, with more scheduled Monday and throughout the week.  Most have been peaceful, others not so much.  We’ve collected a handful of tweets, photos and videos from some of them here.

The @OccupyWallSt Twitter account tweeted a link to a list of Trayvon rallies in towns across the country.

An excerpt from the page reads:

It has been decided: black life isn’t worth shit.

Come together in force across the country tomorrow at 6pm.

Let’s not ask for justice: let’s make it happen ourselves.

Another excerpt, this one from, reads:

No more divide and conquer. We stand for all. We stand in support of the family of ‪#‎TrayvonMartin and his memory. He did not die in vain. He was the 99% with promise and potential. Capitalism and Racism legitimize each other. We need something brand new and we need it now.

 Protests in Oakland/Los Angeles, CA.

A BART police vehicle is vandalized early Sunday morning during a protest against the Zimmerman verdict.



In Chicago, IL.

Protesters chant, “the whole system’s guilty” at a rally and march for Trayon Martin.


Multiple protests occurred across New York City.

Some resulted in arrests, as a handful of protesters were reported to have been throwing bottles at police and blocking traffic.

At Union Square in NYC.

Dear Trayvon...


A small child holds a sign bearing a photo of George Zimmerman that reads, “This man is free, how could it be, with no remorse, this could have been me.”

"It could have been me."


In Times Square, NYC.

Powerful stuff happening in Times Square #trayvonmartin


In Washington DC.

Photo gallery from CBS News.


In Denver, CO, with OccupyDenver.

Video streaming by Ustream


In Newark, NJ.


In downtown Atlanta at CNN headquarters.

Social justice protest for Trayvon Martin in downtown ATL Sunday.


In downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.


In Greenville, South Carolina.


In Sanford, Florida.


ANSWER Coalition organized a march Saturday in San Francisco’s Mission District.  The group is also calling for a nationwide movement, with a statewide march “against racist violence” planned in Anaheim, CA.

There are also some photos from protests and marches that occurred Saturday evening in the Social Media Erupts at Zimmerman Verdict – continuing updates post.


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