So writes Syracuse University Professor Zak Braiterman, Hezbollah — Part of the Global Left?:

Reading this article about Hezbollah fighting in Syria and up to its waist in blood, it made me wonder if a certain philosopher still believes that Hezbollah is a social movement that is “progressive,” “on the left,” and “part of a global left,” even if that “does not stop us from being critical of certain dimensions.” Talk about precarious life and bad judgment. It makes me wonder again and again about intellectuals and politics. About Syria, the  critical theory crowd remains silent.

It’s that way between leftists and Islamists everywhere.  Whether the BDS movement, the Gaza flotilla, the “anti-Pinkwashing” conferences, the embrace of Columbia Prof. Joseph Massad‘s anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, or the Association of Asian American Studies President and Cal Poly Professor Mary Yu Danico singling out Israel and only Israel for an academic boycott, the Leftist-Islamist coalition is unified only by hatred of Israel.

The most anti-liberal forces — the Islamists — are glorified while the most liberal forces — the Israelis — are vilified.


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