The video below correctly was termed “cringe-worthy” by Noah Rothman at Mediaite.

The cringe-worthy part starts around the 2:30 mark when Melissa Harris-Perry asks the panel for their best race jokes.  (An edited down version is at Newsbusters if you don’t want to sit through it all.)

Stop right there.

From the “can you imagine if Fox News did that” files, only MSNBC could do that because MSNBC is the most relentless race card player so it can do what it would mock if anyone else did it.

The jokes weren’t that bad, they just weren’t that funny.  The jokes all were built around ethnic and racial stereotypes, as many good ethnic/racial jokes are.  I must say, though, I did like Perry’s Jewish joke.

I don’t fault Perry and the panel for lightening up.

I just wish that we didn’t have to live under the tyranny of the MSNBC language police.

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