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Saturday Night Card Game (new verb, “to Chris Matthews”)

Saturday Night Card Game (new verb, “to Chris Matthews”)

Maybe I should change the name of this series to the Saturday Night Chris Matthews Card Game, since Matthews is such a frequent topic lately.

Matthews doesn’t, apparently, understand that he was being mocked when Bill Maher asked whether Matthews was overly aggressive in charging racism (via RCP):

Bill Maher, host: “Chris Matthews. Are you taking heat for willing to call a comment racist sometimes before anyone else has raised the issue?”

Matthews’ answer was almost parody:

Chris Matthews, host of “Hardball” on MSNBC: “Everybody I’ve met who’s African-American has come up to me, about six inches away from me and very personally said, ‘thank you.’ I met some people in Mozambique, I met some people in Jamaica. It is an international reality and everybody feels it on that side of the racial divide and it’s disgusting that white people to whom the dog whistle is aimed, refuse to acknowledge it, is there, it’s been part of our politics, we thought it was gone, it’s back and it’s being used to get votes.”

Quick, someone tell Chris Matthews people are laughing at him, not with him.

This well known dog whistle blower is having none of the poisoning of public discourse by race card players like Matthews:

The litany of accusations can reach absurd proportions. Want to emphasize teaching about this nation’s founding in our public schools more than the history of Swahili in Africa? You’re a racist. Want the government to stop handing out our tax dollars to companies simply because they’re run by blacks or Hispanics or women? You must be a racist. Want to keep health insurance the way it is, and not turn it all over to politicians and bureaucrats in Washington? You must be a racist. It sure gets tiresome, doesn’t it?

And neither is this one:

Maybe we need to add a verb to the language, “to Chris Matthews”:

“To falsely accuse someone of racism or racial motivation for political gain motivated in whole or in part by the accuser’s need for attention.”

As in, “I really wish Andrea Mitchell would stop Chris Matthewsing the Tea Party.”

Works for me.


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Matthews is in a world of his own, and it’s only in black and white. He’s a racist and very deserving of any ridicule that he receives. “To Chris Matthews” is an excellent idea.

I can guess what his ‘black’ name is: Condescending Matthews.

Bullseye! (Or is that comment racist?)

Wow! Preach it, Brother Matthews, preach it!

Who can outdo that combination of moral clarity and intellectual depth? Only Barack Obama comes to mind.

Go here and urge Chris to persevere—and to step it up.

Chris’s deconstruction of this disgusting evil depraved bigoted country should be heard by every single voter as the election approaches. Really! 😉

After the umpteenth time of being Chris Matthewsed, Paul Ryan challenged Chris Matthews to a duel with the most enduring weapon of all: words!

    counsel4pay in reply to ALman. | September 22, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Paul Ryan “gets it”–Sissie Chrissie Tingles does not:


    There is not enough make-up in all the world,
    To make your wasted visage bright.
    There are not enough lies in your wasted mind,
    To justify your hatred of our nation tonight.
    There is not enough money, in our nation,
    To buy back the soul you have sold away.
    There are not enough souls, with shared, evil goals,
    To prevent the “day of justice”—could it come today?

    Damn, Chrissie, have you ever, ever stopped, looked around, and said to yourself: “I have just got to stop being such a whore.”

Chris Mathews suffers from “Oral Masturbatory Munchhausen Syndrome!

Mathews’ Razor: why attribute to stupidity anything that can be called racist

Chrissilly is so empathetic of the Black , he hopes to soon aquire a Negro Penis.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 22, 2012 at 8:29 pm

I just checked the Urban Dictionary to see if there are any entries for Chris Matthews. There are a total of 6. None meet Prof J’s definition (yet). However, all six are unflattering. One is downright disgusting (the language is similar to that used by Dan Savage when he highjacked Google’s algorithm to smear Rick Santorum’s name).

Five of the six entries have more “up thumb” votes than “down thumb” votes. I find that encouraging because I suspect the Urban Dictionary is far more popular with younger people than older people. If that’s true, then the young crowd has Chris Matthews figured out.

After scrolling through the latest on LegalInsurrection (LI), Jane exclaimed, “Who knew PRAVDA could spawn such a thing?! Why can’t it be more like ABC, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC?”

Frank retorted, “Must you Chris Matthews everyone with whom you disagree?”

tlhIngan maH!

Klingons are racists, plain and simple.

“that white people to whom the dog whistle is aimed, refuse to acknowledge it,” Isn’t it interesting that the only people who seem to be able to hear these dog whistles are liberals? And if conservatives can’t here the whistles, are they really being aimed at them?

Chris Matthews is a buffoon.

Chris: you really need to get over your personal demons, that woman in Swaziland, your gender issues, your sexual attraction to Barack Obama, your Archie-Bunkerish family background, or whatever the hell is your problem, because, frankly, you are a bully, and you sound like a stupid motormouth.

How many believe anyone in Mozambique thanked Matthews for calling out “racism” on his cable show?

Mozambique is the 211th country in the world on per capita GDP with $1100 per person. That’s not personal income, it’s total national GDP per capita. They rank behind Haiti, North Korea, and Chad.

There is virtually no chance anyone outside the UN delegation from Mozambique who even knows who Matthews is. They don’t have cable or internet because they cannot afford it – and the few who do are living off the misery of their own people.

This lying leftist hack may have told the truth from time to time over his career, but it was usually by accident.

    janitor in reply to Estragon. | September 23, 2012 at 1:02 am

    He was in the Peace Corps in Africa. He visits Africa. He’s got some kind of personal thing with it. Who knows, maybe the first time he got laid it was an African woman or something.

Some of Chris’ best friends are black. Or at least their servants are.

How do you meet so many black folk in a gated (with security) community?

Unless of course they are Black upper class (but I can’t imagine THEM hanging out with Chris or being part of his gated community. Most of them have more class than that.) but it’s most likely his friend’s gardener and cook and such. (and even they probably wouldn’t want to hang out with Chris.)

Chris, you do realize that most black folks don’t pay attention to this sh!t? They just want to do their job and collect their pay and go home to THEIR family. If they do act “friendly” they’re probably shucking and jiving you. (look it up Chrissy).

Chris Matthews makes millions showing his ass on television. Nobody in their right mind would pay him for that – unless he was doing exactly what they wanted him to do.

Think about that for a minute.

Chris Matthewsing is a little cumbersome, how about ChrisMatting, Chrissing?

Chris Matthews wants his tingles back.

Everybody I’ve met who’s African-American has come up to me, about six inches away from me and very personally said, ‘thank you.’

I had no idea that African-Americans were all close talkers. Is Judge Reinhold an African-American? Or maybe Tingles hasn’t met many African-Americans.

Chris Mathews has failed at real life. Now he is trying it as a cartoon character.

He is a venomous hateful misanthropist stooge and is the white liberal in the purveyance of the racial McCarthyism that is oh so dear to the NDSWP and their flunkies.