Maybe I should change the name of this series to the Saturday Night Chris Matthews Card Game, since Matthews is such a frequent topic lately.

Matthews doesn’t, apparently, understand that he was being mocked when Bill Maher asked whether Matthews was overly aggressive in charging racism (via RCP):

Bill Maher, host: “Chris Matthews. Are you taking heat for willing to call a comment racist sometimes before anyone else has raised the issue?”

Matthews’ answer was almost parody:

Chris Matthews, host of “Hardball” on MSNBC: “Everybody I’ve met who’s African-American has come up to me, about six inches away from me and very personally said, ‘thank you.’ I met some people in Mozambique, I met some people in Jamaica. It is an international reality and everybody feels it on that side of the racial divide and it’s disgusting that white people to whom the dog whistle is aimed, refuse to acknowledge it, is there, it’s been part of our politics, we thought it was gone, it’s back and it’s being used to get votes.”

Quick, someone tell Chris Matthews people are laughing at him, not with him.

This well known dog whistle blower is having none of the poisoning of public discourse by race card players like Matthews:

The litany of accusations can reach absurd proportions. Want to emphasize teaching about this nation’s founding in our public schools more than the history of Swahili in Africa? You’re a racist. Want the government to stop handing out our tax dollars to companies simply because they’re run by blacks or Hispanics or women? You must be a racist. Want to keep health insurance the way it is, and not turn it all over to politicians and bureaucrats in Washington? You must be a racist. It sure gets tiresome, doesn’t it?

And neither is this one:

Maybe we need to add a verb to the language, “to Chris Matthews”:

“To falsely accuse someone of racism or racial motivation for political gain motivated in whole or in part by the accuser’s need for attention.”

As in, “I really wish Andrea Mitchell would stop Chris Matthewsing the Tea Party.”

Works for me.


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