Because you have been bad, and because I want to inflict maximum pain, you must watch all 12 minutes of this video in which Lawrence “Herman Cain didn’t know how to be black” O’Donnell leads a panel of race card players attacking Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP.

This is the Saturday Night Card Game equivalent of waterboarding, race card-boarding

Okay, okay.  Have some humanity, you say.

Your tolerance for pain is low, so we will do only two pours of MNSBC on your head.

First, guest Mark Thompson of SiriusXM radio’s “Keeping it Plain” suggests that Romney referring to a black supporter as part of his “kitchen cabinet” was a racist signal to whites. O’Donnell nods his head in agreement, and then suggests that Romney wanted to be booed at least three time to play to certain “racist precincts.” Goldie Taylor then agrees too.

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Had enough?  I’m not done with you.

Second, now watch as Toure repeats the same theme:

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I’ll stop. Because no one can withstand more than two pours of MSNBC.

Anything more would consitute a crime against humanity.

But beware, when you least expect it I may have one of my drones drop Ed Schultz on your head.


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