As many of you know, Ed Burns implemented a custom design for the blog, including many custom features both in front and behind the scenes, and also transferred all of our posts and comments from Blogger when we moved in June 2011.

Ed also helped us roll out College Insurrection and custom designed in WordPress.  But most important, Ed constructed the fireworks and music display we first used on the night of Scott Walker’s defeat of the recall (will we ever have a happy occasion for fireworks again?).

It is not an overstatement to say that we could not have achieved all we achieved without Ed’s personal attention and help.  So it is with sadness for us, but joy for Ed, that we announce that Ed took a job offer he couldn’t refuse, and has moved on.  We wish Ed well.

At the same time, we are very pleased to have engaged <inSourceCode> from the Indianapolis area as our new web design and maintenance firm.  Founded by Jayson Manship and Matt Turow, <inSourceCode> is the technical team behind the websites and social media for many conservative politicans, groups and publications.  They are down for the cause, which is important to us.  I’m glad they were willing to take on a little fish like Legal Insurrection.

Hopefully <inSourceCode> can help Legal Insurrection and affiliates achieve our goal of … (remind me again, what is our goal?) … (oh, yeah) rising up against established authority, rebellion, revolt, in conformity with or permitted by law.

Or as Abbie Hoffman would say, creating “community within our Nation, chaos in theirs.”