Another one in LukeHandCool’s New Roads School series (also here), taken a few days after the election:


Andrew Breitbart was The Lonely Bull(sh*t Fighter).

I think each and every one of us feels like a matador now … not in a bullring, but at the Running of the Bulls.

Let us join the left in battle in the popular culture. Culture is the whole ballgame. Let us use wit and common sense as a cape to make them charge wildly. Let us Work!

We shall mock and ridicule them in the streets, and in the bullrings, … satirize them in the classrooms and in the popular culture; we shall never surrender.

We are The Lonely Bull(sh*t Fighters).

Hope you can use this picture (and give us a tune). Now politics is over they say. I wonder if getting to the bottom of Benghazi would be considered politics? Or work to be done?

I wonder if the school’s Administer of Signage initially wanted to write “Work Forward!” but ran out of letters?

Sign - Santa Monica - New Roads School Back To Work

You want Lonely Bullfighter? I hope you can handle 14 minutes of it: