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Less revenue, less waste

Less revenue, less waste

From LukeHandCool, another sign at the New Roads School in Santa Monica, CA:

News item: Lefty school educators endorse Simpson-Butkus Plan.

More Filling! … Tastes Great!

More Revenue … If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that’s a euphemism for higher taxes.

Less Waste … If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they’re saying Al Gore’s famed “reinventing government” crusade to slash waste in government was a flop and a failure! Nobody talks about it these days, do they?

Sign - Santa Monica - New Roads School Revenue Waste


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The name of the school – New Roads School – ironically shows what government should ONLY be doing along with providing for the national defense. But inside, the school is playing the same old song: “The Taste of Money.”

legacyrepublican | December 16, 2012 at 7:59 am

A campus sign with a punch line delivered by the Tijuana Brass knuckles?

They might draw more flies with “a taste of honey.”

Why don’t they just confiscate the “A” half of A&M Records? That should overcome whatever inefficiencies the school administration is causing, er, suffering. Or is it the teacher union that’s inefficient? It’s hard to keep track sometimes. Maybe I need the funding.

Of course, by “less waste” they probably mean the wastefulness of the supposedly free market, the wastefulness of the rich (not the wealthy, the rich), and whatever other wastefulness whichever fascist/socialist/whatsthedifference meant when he/she/it posted that outrageously arrogant sign.

“Waste” as in public sector [teacher’s unions]?

Schools like these that are built and sustained with after-tax donations from the 1 percent (like Herb Alpert) ought to very worried about higher taxes. Every dollar sent to Sacramento and Washington won’t be coming to New Roads or Any Other Roads school. As it is, headmasters at these schools already spend three nights a week doing some form of fundraising, whether it’s schmoozing a single couple or speaking at a function. Can you say four? Five? … Seven?

I pass that school on a regular basis. They have a long tradition of smug, sanctimonious propagandizing on that sign.

The reviews of this school on something called were interesting.

“The entire community is thriving, vibrant and diverse. The communication between faculty and parents is outstanding. The teachers themselves are incredibly dedicated and creative, and the emphasis on how to be a good person in a rapidly changing world is incredibly valuable.”

“This school’s main goal is to teach kids about social justice and equality.”

“New Roads nurtures and encourages the best in each student while instilling accountability and commitment to the community and the environment.”

“Its philosophy, caring about the world and social justice, its diversity, its fantastic teachers!”

“A place where education in academics, community growth, self awareness and diversity of mankind is allowed to roam the halls and classrooms at will.”

“This is school is amazing. The school is very corporative and attentive. Not only do the teachers listen to you but the Dean also listens to you as well. They want the best for you.”

“The teachers are awesome. They are comforting and helpful.”

“New roads is committed to development of young people to have a passion for learning and a passion to affect their world for the better. There is a committment from staff to celebrate each child’s strengths and encouage them to overcome their weaknesses. It is a school that enforces the concept of community.”

I only made it about halfway through the school’s philosophy before my eyes glazed over. What a crock of bull.

I am so glad that I homeschool.

It’s funny how many of the Westside L.A. liberal parents who push public schools in theory, suddenly go private as the schools’ SBAC (student body average complexion) becomes darker.

They’re fine with our local elementary school, ensconced as it is in the lilly-white-liberal north side of town, from which it draws its lilly-white student body. They’re a bit less fine with the local middle school, and much less smitten again with Santa Monica High. It seems that’s just a bit too public for many liberals, even if they won’t admit it publicly.

As more and more students from “south of the tracks” get in, you see a concomitant liberal flight gettin’ out to private schools.

Just like D.C. liberal politicians who act like great champions of public education and fight against school choice for the kids who need it most always seem to put their own kids in private schools, the advocacy of public education I’ve seen by many rich liberal parents is pure lip service.

“…and much less smitten again with Santa Monica High.” And God ….er… Gaea forbid they should go to Venice or Uni! 😉

    LukeHandCool in reply to Phineas Fahrquar. | December 16, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    Uni High isn’t what it was, in its racial makeup, when Jan & Dean attended and were composing their first songs.

    You’d think those that worship “diversity” would flock to a school that is now much less “Jan & Dean white.”

Being a Cal school you know they are only funning on that last part

I drive by that sign on occasion. I believe it’s the one on Olympic Blvd. I’ve email the nonsense that’s posted there to friends. Can’t remember the stuff now but it usually sounds like a parody of liberal nonsense. Sadly it isn’t.