There is something refreshing about a progressive group which doesn’t hide the agenda, or shy away from characterizing what they do as anything short of class warfare.  Obama doesn’t like that term, but it is his stock in trade.

Wage Class War is a new website set up by the Campaign for America’s Future.  The website came to my attention from a tweet by Pat Dollard.

The Wage Class War folks are pretty proud of the 2012 election, and why shouldn’t they be?  Democrats returned the consummate class warrior to the White House, someone who took the White House originally and then returned to it by demonizing a small segment of the population (originally the top 5% then refined to the top 2%).

To be proud of that is pretty sad, but class warfare is not new in American politics at all, despite the triumphalist rhetoric at Wage Class War:

In 2012, class warfare broke out in American politics. And from the president to key Senate races, the middle class won…. Needless to say, Obama is neither by temperament nor predilection a populist class warrior [waj – Hah!]. But faced with potential defeat, he turned to what works….

More and more of our elections going forward will feature class warfare — only this time with the middle class fighting back. And candidates are going to have to be clear about which side they are on. Politicians in both parties are now hearing CEOs telling them that it is time for a deal that cuts Medicare and Social Security benefits in exchange for tax reform that lowers rates and closes loopholes. Before they take that advice, they might just want to look over their shoulders at what will be coming at them.

What is new is that Democrats had a candidate who embraced class warfare, and then used racial politics to protect himself from criticism.  The combination of class and race politics is what sets 2008 and 2012 apart.  That’s why Democrats are playing the race card even more heavily post-election — class warfare alone cannot keep Democrats in power.

To be more accurate, CAF should rename the website “Wage Class and Race War”.

What most interested me, though, was the banner on the new website.  Check out the candidates they say won by playing class warfare.

Like I said, at least they are honest.

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