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“Wage Class War” — well, at least they’re honest about the strategy

“Wage Class War” — well, at least they’re honest about the strategy

There is something refreshing about a progressive group which doesn’t hide the agenda, or shy away from characterizing what they do as anything short of class warfare.  Obama doesn’t like that term, but it is his stock in trade.

Wage Class War is a new website set up by the Campaign for America’s Future.  The website came to my attention from a tweet by Pat Dollard.

The Wage Class War folks are pretty proud of the 2012 election, and why shouldn’t they be?  Democrats returned the consummate class warrior to the White House, someone who took the White House originally and then returned to it by demonizing a small segment of the population (originally the top 5% then refined to the top 2%).

To be proud of that is pretty sad, but class warfare is not new in American politics at all, despite the triumphalist rhetoric at Wage Class War:

In 2012, class warfare broke out in American politics. And from the president to key Senate races, the middle class won…. Needless to say, Obama is neither by temperament nor predilection a populist class warrior [waj – Hah!]. But faced with potential defeat, he turned to what works….

More and more of our elections going forward will feature class warfare — only this time with the middle class fighting back. And candidates are going to have to be clear about which side they are on. Politicians in both parties are now hearing CEOs telling them that it is time for a deal that cuts Medicare and Social Security benefits in exchange for tax reform that lowers rates and closes loopholes. Before they take that advice, they might just want to look over their shoulders at what will be coming at them.

What is new is that Democrats had a candidate who embraced class warfare, and then used racial politics to protect himself from criticism.  The combination of class and race politics is what sets 2008 and 2012 apart.  That’s why Democrats are playing the race card even more heavily post-election — class warfare alone cannot keep Democrats in power.

To be more accurate, CAF should rename the website “Wage Class and Race War”.

What most interested me, though, was the banner on the new website.  Check out the candidates they say won by playing class warfare.

Like I said, at least they are honest.


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It looks like we’ve hit a nerve with the left with the Right to Work in Michigan as well. In their own words, “Michigan’s Republican Party and Gov. Rick Snyder have now resorted to open class warfare.”

They’re honest, all right. But we didn’t need them to admit it, as anyone with a brain could see the truth.

That said, in the face of the horror that is percolating, the GOP leadership is dangerously stupid.

I’ll keep saying it until it happens: Boeher, Cantor, Preibus — they’ve got to go. And they’ve got to go now.

Donald Douglas | December 9, 2012 at 8:27 pm

Lots more on this here, William, from a week or so back: ‘Campaign for America’s Future, Top Democrat Activist Group, Launches Class-Warfare Website’.

These people have deep links to hardline communist organizations, so class warfare for them is in fact doctrinally required.

Well they will have pushed the K-12 classrooms to prime the students for what is planned.

What is not in the post is that the 10Cs Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change is supposedly front and center in what Harvard Ed is pushing.

Some post racial. So heart breaking.

    Rick in reply to Robin. | December 9, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    Robin: You are correct here and in your second post, below. We have become the most racist society that we have been in my 68 years. This will not end easily or well.


      One of the aspects that is so heartbreaking is how much higher ed especially has nurtured a belief that as long as capitalism exists and we thus do not have equality of results, the legacy of the Civil War remains. I have written this before but Van jones says the whole reason he pushes the Green Economy is that it has to be government led. So the government decides who gets the jobs, what they are paid, what credentials suffice, and where it is located.

      Mass prosperity is a high price to pay for bounded equality. Especially when it is coupled to a refusal to acknowledge that personal behavior matters.

    Bruno Lesky in reply to Robin. | December 10, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Robin — This is amazing stuff. I’ll follow your blog now.

    I see this horror — ASCD — is really REALLY well organized. Plus many student chapters.

    Would love to hear serious ideas about how to begin the undoing of “The 10Cs.”

    Somehow I think a campaign to pressure congressmen is too light weight.

    An organizing problem — the ASCDs seem to consist of mostly union people, who can get paid to work on their causes. Or student dupes with time on their hands.

    Many of rest of us are producing in less collective ways. The libertarian instinct runs against organizing. Leans toward creation of personal, parallel solutions and getting out of the system. Going Galt, as they say.

    Once I see how to really effect course correction I’ll contribute more of my personal life to a group effort.

    I think the Prof’s targeted campaign contributions is a start if we can tap into Ron Paul’s supporters, particularly students. Maybe contributing to student libertarian groups who can get behind Campus Insurrection, targeted campaigns, etc.

    Spitballing here.

      Bruno-ASCD used to be a subsidiary of the NEA and the acronym used to stand for Supervision of Curriculum Development. It is hugely influential and its Whole Child approach to the Common Core will guide the classroom implementation.

      Their publication, Educational Leadership, is the go to for what is really planned for the classroom. It is also a great place to learn what Outcomes Based Education said it planned to do and be before it became controversial.

TrooperJohnSmith | December 9, 2012 at 8:51 pm

The Middle-class won? My ass, they did. They’re the ones who carry a disproportionate share of the burden placed on us by the Gimme-Gimme-Gimme Class. How so?

Well, when you’re barely getting by, it’s your kid who wears Walmart and Sears clothes, so they can get teased by the off-spring of the Baby-Momma’s, who all seem to able to afford Nike, FuBu and the rest of that appearance crap. Of course, your kid has different values, because he sees mom and dad work hard, scrimp and try to make ends meet. Your kid isn’t raining himself with the latest gangsta rapper lyrics as his or her inspiration for their ultimate aspiration.

That’s why so many “middle-class” blue collar people are pissed off and are at home quietly fuming as the cling to their guns and religion.

We all know BHO’s Class-Warfare has been dishonest and disingenuous. But hear me on this: unless he can deliver some tangible “change” – the jingly kind – to the aforementioned middle-class, the mid-terms will be a reprise of 2010. He essentially needs to “pay-off” a group of blue-collar, hard-working, middle-class folks who hate him with a passion.

Hence, the talk of a “middle-class tax ‘cut'”. Yeah, only in DC is not raising your taxes back to where they were called a ‘cut’. And, lest we forget, repealing the Bush Tax Cuts will also place a lot of those 47% back on the tax roles, albeit at the bottom and will cut out a lot of EIC.

Sh!t. Let ’em all go up. Then, America will see that we’re still borrowing around 4-billion a day to keep the Beast fed.

I did not get to finish that thought.

We are about to get the full force attack of the Fair Shares/Social Justice Society from people who have no idea what makes an economy work. Coupled to that and the type of deliberate manipulation of feelings I linked to above, we have all the products of the urban schools that have been deliberately kept weak.

Grievance and ignorance are a combustible combination. If you point out this will not work, you are just trying to protect what you have. The idea that you are also protecting the next generation’s chance to have anything but debt and frustrated expectations never gets considered.

If you haven’t seen the moving, “Agenda: Grinding America Down,” I strongly recommend you watch it. It is a powerful exposé of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America.

Two can play that game.

How about those union bosses? How are their pensions compared to the working middle class rank-and-file? How many resort junkets does the average Joe go on? How did TrumkaHoffaStern get from the head office to the island resort? Private jet? SUV? Limo? What does Joe Six-Pack union worker drive to work?

How about those elected officials, huh? Yeah, how many of them are millionaires? How many of them get perks from lobbyists? How many of them get out of paying parking tickets, taxes, loan interest, mortgages, etc.? How many taxpayers get insider trading information? How many taxpayers get to go on corporate-sponsored junkets to Thailand?

And so on…

    punfundit in reply to punfundit. | December 9, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    How about those Hollywood executives and celebrities? What they do? When’s the last time any of them built a car, or walked a beat (not on TV), or taught in a classroom? How many of us average Joe moviegoers get to phone in our performance from our luxury mansion in Beverly Hills? How many of us get away with “donating our time” instead of our money?

      Bruno Lesky in reply to punfundit. | December 10, 2012 at 10:10 am

      Many entertainment professionals are not freeloaders.

      It’s impossible to get a movie made, and even more impossible to make a good one.

      Talent, intelligence, creativity, taste, passion, game-playing skill, practical knowledge, etc. — all are useful and often present in the creators of fine movies.

      (Not always present, I grant you.)

      Movies — what a concept! I love so many of them….

I’m all in favor of waging class war. I would like to see us wage war on the crony capitalist/regulator/educator class.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | December 9, 2012 at 10:32 pm

The problem is, that as effective as the marxist strategy and tactics of class warfare are in attaining and maintaining power, via the indoctrinated useful idiots, as well as those naive, stupid, and or indifferent to their political circumstances, the political ideological theory / governing policy of Socialist Marxism, and naturally Communism, cannot work to satisfy the people’s needs, to have a prosperous economy. Only Free Market Capitalism can achieve that, as evident in China, let alone in all the Democratic Free countries of the world.

But the underlying goal and agenda of socialist marxism is not to care about the economy, let alone the people.. But to establish the govt as all powerful, with no restrictions and limits to it’s authority, let alone the questioning of that authority, which is eventually Communism in full force, ie; North Korea and the former USSR, a Statist Police State, which they eventually all collapse. But time in waiting til Socialist Marxist Statism collapses is something Free People can ill afford to wait for decades, when it comes to our Freedom and liberty, let alone our prosperity.

“Wage Class War is a new website set up by the Campaign for America’s Future. The website came to my attention from a tweet by Pat Dollard.”

It was at American Power, Maggie’s Farm, “Blogs I read” in the right margin of Legal Insurrection, as well as LI’s tip line a week ago!

    donb in reply to donb. | December 9, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    There’s another whole blog, with its own cast of contributors (Ragspierre, LukeHandCool, jimzinsocal, Uncle Samuel, legalizehazing, BrownDog, NC Mountain Girl, punfundit, southcentralpa, et al) hiding over there!

      Canusee in reply to donb. | December 10, 2012 at 7:56 am

      Pray tell, what is the name of the blog so we can go hang out, too?

        It’s the Tip Line at Legal Insurrection. It’s the ultimate in insurrectionist crowd sourcing.

        The Tip Line is not nearly as well edited, nor as thoroughly and consistently well-reasoned, but it’s quicker to post, often on the leading (bleeding?) edge.

        Please visit it frequently and hang out often!

We hired elected officials in the GOP by voting for them. We hired a GOP chairman by donating money to the GOP.

Why the hell are they not doing our bidding, instead of us having to complain in frustration on a blog?

We didn’t elect or support the GOP to be a steward making things nice on the way down — we hired them to grab the controls and fly us right.

How about picking things up from that thought? — And acting on it, in concert?

    It’s probably a good idea to contribute to the Prof’s upcoming Operation Counterweight picks — with $ and maybe supportive posting elsewhere for groundswell. Volunteer?

    And who can bring to bear the influence of the Constitutional constituency in shaking up the RNC? Of course it would be helpful to win more elections not to mention with competent, principled candidates. A start — take pages from the DNC organizing play book … the market research, the army of door-to-door canvassers etc.

    Does anybody know the Kochs? Or can enlighten Roger Ailes? etc. (I really don’t know the players!) To underwrite / advise a shake-up campaign?

    BTW, let’s do the Senate in 2014. I haven’t seen posts from the Prof as to who’s out there but hopefully soon.

The issue which should concern people is cost of living (not including luxury products and services). This threshold varies by location, which, incidentally, is the reason why integration of people with different means required redistributive change (i.e. welfare) to compensate, which was an intentional distortion of the market and selectively precluded entry by virtue of “good” intentions enforced through legal authority.

These intentional distortions exist throughout the economy. They are the cause of the crisis in real estate, health care, education, etc. In fact, the so-called “health care reform”, among other well intentioned policies, explicitly ignores the causes and perpetuates their symptoms.

Anyway, the purpose of left-wing ideology, including communism, socialism, etc., is to consolidate capital and control in the hands of minority interests, which then selectively redistribute to maintain an illusion of equalization, and to grant favors in order to preserve their preferential positions in society.

    Again — we all what their goals are.

    How about some action? — Namely, holding our elected officials and GOP establishment members’ feet to the fire?

      More. I see that a very few # of people vote for the Republican National Committee members … +/- 168. It’s the state chairs and committee people.

      I think next election is 2013.

      So first the right candidates would have to be identified for Chair, Co-chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Any suggestions as to how to go about this?

      Even before, maybe identify qualifications. I’ll start.
      1. A Constitutionalist.
      2. Superb executive. Proven. Top notch.
      3. Good speaker — will be good on TV talk shows.
      4. Brilliant strategist.
      5. Either personally knowledgable of winning campaign mechanics (money raising, market research, ground game, PR, data bases, etc.) or can assemble a superb proven team (not necessarily from politics).

      5. He/she will have to have 1:1 and wide market money-raising competency — will be with the help of associates. It would speed things up if he/she has prior $ connections.
      6. Too much to ask: inspiring.
      7. Really too much to ask: a sense of humor.

Wage class warfare is not social justice. It is de facto economic discrimination. It is a perversion of justice. It is the inequitable confiscation by force of private property from some to obtain equal outcomes for all. There is no definition of “equal outcomes” but the tax law is filled with definitions for the exaction of personal property by force.

When Jesus taught, “To whom much is given much is required.” he presented that parable as an individual moral choice to be considered. Jesus never invoked government to be the force or facilitator to obtain certain outcomes for society. He dealt with individual choice in every personal encounter. Government needs to get out of the personal choice business. The only choice I want the government to be involved in is what highway I will take when I leave Illinois and move to a conservative state.

Government/materialism is not the higher power I was taught to worship and believe in. I have been poor and I have been rich. Now I’m just thankful to God