From Molly Ball at The Atlantic, Sorry, Democrats: 4 Ways Progressives Are About to Have Their Hopes Dashed:

Ever since Election Day, the left has been riding high. Not only did President Obama and Democrats across the country win big on Nov. 6, the president has gratified his base with his tough talk on the fiscal cliff negotiations, and the new Congress looks to be substantially more progressive than the last.

But how long will the second honeymoon last for President Obama and the Democrats? Chances are, it won’t be long until the left’s hopes are dashed. Here are four possible letdowns on the horizon.

1. Entitlements: [waj summary and spin– Obama will allow some reform and if there’s one thing progressives can’t stand, it’s reform which keeps the nation from becoming Greece.  Keep the pressure on him not to cave.]

2. Elizabeth Warren: [waj summary and spin — She will not be such a big deal and no one really likes her anyway; they only were willing to overlook her abrasive and self-aggrandizing personality because it was a chance to flip a Senate seat.  If she tries to out-self-aggrandize Democratic leaders in the Senate, she’ll get put on the Select Committee to investigate fraudulent claims of Native American ancestry in connection with  filing requirements for educational institutions which receive federal funding.  She will be both questioner and witness, a first in Senate history, almost as historic as when she was the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar Exam.  Also, Wall Street gives as much money to Democrats as to Republicans, don’t you know? ]

3. Filibuster reform: [waj summary and spin — Harry Reid and other senior Democrats understand that what goes around comes around.  And they don’t want you coming around telling them what to do.]

4. Climate legislation: [waj summary and spin — No one really believes that crap, except you wackos.  Just donate your money and leave their SUVs and chauffeured limousines alone, or they’ll introduce legilsation reinstating leaded gasoline and banning all further construction of smokestack scrubbers.  They “absolutely” are willing to go off the acid rain cliff.]

Have a nice day thinking about the possibilities.  It sure beats reality.