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This is our moment

This is our moment

A new video from the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Features two of our Operation Counterweight candidates.


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Vote already cast for Romney/Ryan. Credentials received to poll watch for the Romney campaign on election day.

Beautiful, positive, winning ad.

I thought “Operation Counterweight” was our pitting our use of Chris Christie against the use of Michelle Obama.

The question now is whether Christie’s bizarre @#$%-kissing of Obama has tipped the scales to where they now weigh against us.

‘Fat chance,’ some might say. ‘No way — with Christie gone, Romney still has a ton of momentum,’ according to others.

November 6th cannot come fat — I mean, fast — enough.

johnnycab23513 | November 1, 2012 at 4:34 pm

One outstandind video.


To our shame, our devotions became casual,
Even though YOU have always been there.
When our nation was born, and later, when torn,
By the threats which oft led to despair.
How soon we forgot “Founding Fathers”,
Whose success against tyrants was due
To YOUR care, to YOUR love, to YOUR hands from above,
Which created the miracle we view.

Through the years, tyranny kept returning,
And our need made us reach out again,
And we pled, and we cried, and the best of us died,
Fighting enemies of freedom and sin.
New perils now prompt new petitions,
We must learn lessons lost from the past,
Without THY protection, and enduring affection,
We will lose THIS FREE LAND that must last.

No rights reserved. “God is in the Game, once again.” We are not talking “creeds; doctrines; chapels/synagogues/cathedrals”. We are talking about faith in a Supreme Being, however we envision such, and WHOSE “ALMIGHTY HAND MADE AND PRESERVED THIS NATION”. Pray, contribute, encourage, BELIEVE, and then vote to make belief–reality. IT WILL COME.

ROMNEY & RYAN WIN BIG…just a few more days!

Good add from the NRCC.

I voted early the first time ever. I have always voted on election day previously. I was supposed to be in CT (westport) this week, when the hurricane hit the news I voted early expecting to postpone for a week and be out in CT next week. Looks like I won’t be in CT until the following week so now I just sit back and wait.

Vote early and often as they say in chi town

Competency in the White House: the new normal.

About time.