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Springtime for Islamist dictatorship in Cairo

Springtime for Islamist dictatorship in Cairo

The Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt already had brought the military to heel.

Now he is discarding the judiciary:

With a constitutional assembly on the brink of collapse and protesters battling the police in the streets here over the slow pace of change, President Mohamed Morsi issued a sweeping decree on Thursday night, granting himself broad new powers above any court and ordering the retrial of his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak.

Mr. Morsi, an Islamist who won Egypt’s first free presidential vote, portrayed himself as acting to satisfy popular demands. But the unexpected breadth of his new powers immediately raised fears that he might become a new strongman.

“An absolute presidential tyranny,” Amr Hamzawy, a liberal member of the dissolved Parliament who had been a well-known political scientist at Western institutions, wrote in an online commentary. “Egypt is facing a horrifying coup against legitimacy and the rule of law and a complete assassination of the democratic transition.”

Mr. Morsi made his move as he was basking in praise from the White House and other international accolades for his central role negotiating a cease-fire the previous night between Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

I’m sure the sycophantic columnists at The New York Times, like Roger Cohen and Nick Kristof, will find a way to excuse it away.

And Obama will accept this new dictator with open arms.

It’s Springtime for Morsi.



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There’s a saying that goes something like: Difficult times produce great leaders. Not this time.

Insufficiently Sensitive | November 22, 2012 at 8:59 pm

Morsi with powers above any Court? Don’t let Obama get any more ideas than he already has got from Caesar Chavez. He’s already publicly besneered our own Supremes, and fawned on Chavez.

This is bad news, and is guaranteed not to show up in tomorrows Seattle Times.

The Egyptians better pray that this is temporary, or they will be in a world of hurt. I don’t trust the Muslim Brotherhood to let loose any of the reins of power they have taken. I hope, for the sake of the Egyptian people, that they surprise us.

BannedbytheGuardian | November 22, 2012 at 10:00 pm

He is very fugly looking. No Omar Shariff.

no movies for him.

This is a case of reaping the rewards of ideology. Islam does not encourage either freedom or individuality or personal responsibility or anything such as the world’s Two Great Religions espouses. The Islamic ideology supports what Morsi is doing. When shariah is the source of your law, you don’t need courts. All you need is an imam.

Carry on, Morsi!

Someone in Washington turns to his nanny and asks, “Valerie, Why couldn’t I do that?”

Pharaoh-ism returns to the dunes.

This is the Arab Hugo Chavez. Gaza provides convenient cover to hide the hideousness of this power grab. wonder what else they are planning?. Scary how things are going downhill so fast in MidEast. Must be terrifying times in Israel.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to george. | November 23, 2012 at 1:47 am

    No. Acquit Chavez of this. This is par for the course for Arabs. This is what they understand. Have you not noticed how their signs reject freedom and call for the bondage of shariah? Well, Morsi is giving them bondage. He is being responsive to his audience.

Cool! Does this mean we are going to get some new pyramids? I mean the old ones are showing some wear and a couple of updated ones would be, like, awesome.

I’m laughing at Al Baradei. He is the old fart hypocrite who, while is head of IEAE or whatever it’s called, covered for the Iranians and blathered about the Islamic bomb. Well, dude, you asked for it. You got it.

Obama and Clinton have their sights now on Jordan. Watch for an Obama-inspired uprising making that nation to fall under Islamic fascist rule any day.

I was about to write, “What the hell happened to our country,: but I what the hell what happened to our country. “It” really did happen, didn’t it.

Thank goodness for the feckless John Boehner and the rest of the back-stabbing hacks running the G.O.Pee.

We must form a third party and absorb the GOP or broker power of the new party to keep the GOP in line. Trying to take it over is too time-consuming.

Well, ya voted for him, so now live with him. Did Morsi promise free cell phones or free cells?

I guess the strongman is using RBG’s advice!

Let’s welcome another tyrant into the area. Let’s send over Sean Penn to be the strongman’s sidekick and as a house warming present.

Two thoughts on this.

First, seeing Mohammed ElBaradei complain about dictatorships is a bit hard to swallow as important when he bent over backwards to allow rogue states to get Nuclear Weapons capabilities.

Second, was the Morsi deal with Hamas and Israel tied to something we have guaranteed him? The whole Benghazi affair if you will remember started with Larry Schwartz, PAO at US Cairo Embassy condenming riots against a video tape of which only a small segment was shownn on Egyptian TV 5 hours before any Muslim Ragers showed up at our embassy.

We were obviously tipped to have put out such a message ahead, by whom and for what purpose? Morsi and the MB’s?

A US message relating to a movie which no one had seen and what small part was shown on Egyptian TV was obviously an amatuerish event at best. Told by State to remove it, that order was defied and it stayed up for longer. Why did that that happen?

Who would have known of this video, who made it and why? And the speed with which this movie maker was not only detained unlawfully but eventually arrested and then put in jail. We knew all that within days. We still don’t know what happened, at least from this Administration in Benghazi that allowed 4 Americans to be killed.

It is like watching musical chairs, they are all circling waiting for the story to bust and they have a seat.

The Video becomes the Obama theme for the first two weeks during the election. The video is used heavily on Mitt Romney which then becomes the whole story for the next 6 days. Romney is an idiot, insensitive etc. Classic Axelrod.

Was this a political set up, much like the Cancer Steelworker story, the Tax return story, was this foreign policy hit on Romney, “the Rush to Shoot first and then find out what happened” as Obama opined. That is how it was played in the media post Romney’s critique. Nary a word on our 4 dead. A complicit media happy to push the narrati

But the wildcard here is we were played by somebody that in what we thought was going to be some good political chatter against Romney, becoame a take out of a critical US player n Chris Stevens in the region.

I think Morsi played the US to kill Ambassador Stevens in a well planned hit related to Syria. Now the Administration knows he knows what happened. Suddenly he is our buddy.

Something isn’t right with this event and the longer it goes on the worse it becomes. Why the video?? Was it a political act gone awry to shore up Obama as reacting to Riots only with this video no one knew of? Read the news stories after the event. All on Romney the foreign policy idiot, nothing on what happened.

Insensitive Video is the overwhelming theme from the propagandists right after Romney’s swift reaction to our Condemnation (Romney called it an apology but I would disagree with how it is worded) of the Video.

This military precision hit on our unprotected facility in Benghazi killing four Americans still has not been answered by those in charge as to what happened and when.

Musical chairs, who will be left standing with the others pointing the finger at?

The images frfom Egypt arent looking good. Lotta angry folks arent thrilled with the new Pharoah.
Arab Spring 2.0?

And, in Honor of this Thug, Thunder Thighs Clinton has a photo-op with her lips attached to his ample caboose.(See Drudge)

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Yeah. It will be interesting to see how the administration finds a way to distance itself from Morsi now that the shiney object has lost its lustre. Ill bet Clinton is looking back at her arriving on the 18th green for the putt of the week as a great moment.
Smart Diplomacy fail it seems