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Hollywood Freak Show for Elizabeth Warren

Hollywood Freak Show for Elizabeth Warren

Hollywood and progressive groups have been funding Elizabeth Warren since day one.

This video released yesterday is a virtual freak show of Hollywood progressives supporting Warren, including the foul Sarah Silverman.

For good measure, they throw in a few Democratic politicians, including Sheldon “Opposition to Obamacare is just like Kristallnact” Whitehouse and Mike “I never met a tank I didn’t like” Dukakis.

Watch this, and then understand how extreme Elizabeth Warren will be, and who is behind her campaign.


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Dukakis made me lol. Karl Rove will be running the U.S. Senate if Scott Brown wins? That was funnier than his Rocky the Squirrel impersonation.

If you ever needed a reason NOT to vote for Fauxcohontas, this video provides plenty!

I bet most of them never met Liawatha.

Silverman? Really? LOLOL!

Typical inverted-reality Collectivist none-thinkers.

LOVED the scuzzy Silverman blub about how Warren works for people…not those bad, bad corporate people. Is that woman brain-dead or can she simply not read? Warren has worked for corporations all her life! OFTEN AGAINST THE “WORKING MAN”!

But after that “conscience of the Senate” travesty from yesterday, I am just awestruck at the capacity for stupid among these people.

Jack The Ripper | November 5, 2012 at 9:06 am


Absolutely pathetic.

How about Kathleen Kennedy “I Cannot Win Even in Maryland” Townsend?

And Liz Winstead aged about as well in the last 8 years as Susan Estrich did in the eight years after Doo-caca. Talk about your leather handbags!

And what is this 50-year slur against “corporations”? Madison Avenue, Plastic Fantastic, man. Of course, the entertainment industry is just a little cottage industry that does not contain or depend upon “corporations” for its production, distribution, marketing, etc.

Neither Sarah Silverman nor Ben Affleck’s work at their “day jobs” is good enough that they should be moonlighting, say, in political advocacy. Memo to Liz, Sarah, Ben: STFU and sit down.

Memo to Mr. Dukakis: We unelected Jimmah Carter the very first chance we could, and you never even got elected. When we want to hear from you, we will be in touch. We read in The New Republic back in the early 1990s that you even answer your own phone. We will find you, if needed.

And how about those two other vignettes? The guy and the gal from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which could also be called the CPCC, CCPC, CCCP, etc. Just about any way you wish to arrange those words, you would still have the same mealy moniker. And the guy from Color of Change? What the hell is that? Orange? Chartreuse? Taupe? Why not just say, “I think all pale people (including Elizabeth Warren) have no worries and that all non-pale people are aggrieved.”

Milton Friedman’s Notable & Quotable in the Wall Street Journal this morning is more cogent than anything (and everything) said in this video and by Lie-a-watha. In a just world, Milton Friedman would be heard and Elizabeth Warren silenced. Beam Me Up, Milty, there’s no intelligent life down here (at least not among these self-righteous, know-it-all, bien pensent, feel-good founts of wisdom known as progressives, liberals, socialists, social engineers, communists, activists, organizers, and Democrats).

Jack The Ripper | November 5, 2012 at 9:16 am

Already had Will Farrell and Cher on the “Enemies List” that I am constructing in jest.

Chris Rock deserves to be on it, too, but kind of want to hold off on denouncing him.

Kathy Griffin will be added, but I am sheepish about tacitly admitting she is worth listing.

Didn’t I see some of these people in the Titanic movie? They were the ones who scrambled for a life boat before the women and children.

This in spite that she has proven herself to be the opposite of all that they aspire to.

I swear that liberal democrat progressives could convince a dumbed down public to consume chocolate covered doo-doo!

Unfreakingly unbelievable…

Where was Matt Damon? He called me the other day and told me to vote for “Elizabeth” His buddy Ben was on the video.

Where was Matt?

It’s the hypocrisy and double standards that are so amazing.

How many of the people appearing in this campaign video for EW looked at today’s headlines saying that the music group No Doubt just self-censored their latest music video because it trivializes Native Americans, and nodded approvingly?

Sigh. The stupid…it burns.