I missed this last week as I was traveling in California..

Sarah Silverman, who goes from creating contrived outrage to contrived outrage, is a big supporter of Barack Obama and a big hater of Sheldon Adelson for funding SuperPACs aligned against Obama and Democrats.

So in keeping with past performance, Silverman created a video suggesting she and Adelson “scissor,” and using a dog in a mock sex act.

Video via Marooned in Marin (NSFW):

The video has gone viral with over 500,000 hits on YouTube, and Silverman has started a website Scissor Sheldon.

Perez Hilton loves it, while reaction from the rest of the Obama-supporting media is more neutral (but definitely not critical), perhaps understanding how poorly it will play outside of their circle of friends.

I don’t think it plays well.

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