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Gaza Updates

Gaza Updates

In addition to taking a look at our Blog Friends in Israel, I’ve created this Twitter widget of news sources for the latest.

I have not embedded the #PillarOfDefense hashtag because hastags can get hijacked by hostile Twitter users.

The other problem is unreliable reports, so I’ve tried only to use sources which are more reliable. If you already are on Twitter, you can use my Gaza 2012 List.


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I’m all in favor of Arabs holding silent vigils……eternally silent vigils…

casualobserver | November 15, 2012 at 6:58 pm

My mind reels wondering why Hamas has chosen this time period to provoke the fire from Israel. There seems to be no reported trigger in the region, so I’m left to connect this to elections.

We should all watch the reactions within the region carefully, as they often show their cards. So far, Morsi in Egypt isn’t reacting except with diplomatic actions, removing ambassadors or whatever. But I read about arms accumulating at the Syrian border, for example. Could the region feel they have more allies than we think they have??

What would Obama do? Vote present? Stand down? Or pass the buck to others?

Considering Obama (and Clinton) facilitated an extremist takeover of Egypt and Libya, and considering what Obama told Putin about the ‘flexibility’ he’ll have after the election, imagine what he must have told the Muslim extremists.

Hamas is probably flush with arrogance and elation after the Obama re-election — probably as much as Obama himself, witness his has arrogant, obnoxious display in strutting around like an asshole at a recent ‘pres’ conference.

A major war is coming in the Middle East — but this time, Israel does not have an ally in the former United States. What will they do when their ammunition and munitions start running low? About half of American Jews hold leftism above their religion. There will be little political cost if there is another Holocaust, making it more likely it will occur. Will Obama be impeached? (No.) Will the press pressure him? (Yeah, right.) Will Boehner? (He’ll hide under the nearest rock.)

If Israel is wiped out or reduced to sub-nation status, the former U.S. will simply hum along without it.

Don’t think that’s possible, do you? It is. And it is likely. After Obama and gang goes for Israel, they will then feel empowered ignore the Constitution to a pathological degree.

Then, they will come for you.

Time is on Israel’s side. Egypt is collapsing – they’ve no money, no money to buy food, most of their foreign currency comes from tourists (who are half women, and aren’t I suspect thrilled with the reports of how women in Egypt are treated), and they’re talking about blowing up the Sphinx and pyramids.

Syria is falling apart – it’s not clear who will run it, but it is pretty clear that it’ll be like Spain after the Civil War – in ruins.

Lebanon is about to go into another Civil War as a result – Hezbolla’s free cash from Iran is drying up, as is their logistics route through Syrian.

Both the group ruling the West Bank and the group ruling Gaza strip are becoming mainly famous for their kleptomania – they need a ‘wag the dog’ war to distract everyone from all those other problems.

Meanwhile Israel has a vibrant, world-class economy, in a few years it’ll be producing vast amounts of energy (and the cash to go with it), good civil-rights, respect for the law and a growing population.

if you swapped all the names around to be country A, B, C, etc – who would YOU be betting on?

Israel will survive without the US; in some respect, perhaps better – it will no longer have to worry about keeping the US happy, once the US has made it clear that the US is an enemy. Meanwhile, both the Russians and Chinese are looking to back ‘strong horses’ in the Middle East.

    Barring use of nuclear weapons before the Arabs can use WMD such as poison gas, time and weight of population is no on Israel’s side. They cannot exist without a superpower benefactor.

    Perhaps China and Russia are smart enough to realize — and Israel is shrewd enough to convince them — that Israeli brainpower at their disposal is worth vastly more than a sea of ignorant, angry people.

    Under the boy-retard and his dipsomaniac secretary of state, Israel will be abandoned.

From Rush Limbaugh’s website:

“…I got a note last night from the head honcho for a member of Congress. Chief of staff member of Congress, apparently the leadership of the House has told the — folks, now, don’t throw anything at me. According to the note that I got from chief of staff to a member of House last night, the leadership of the House has said to the Republican caucus, “We’re just gonna let Obama take the reins. We’re just going to let Obama lead for a while and see where it ends up before we decide what we need to do.”

(I keep sounding the arm that we’ve got to get rid of Boehner as Speaker — will this do it for you?)

Whenever violence in the Mid-East flares up, the news agencies always use a phrase that irks me. “Israel and the Palestinians exchanged rocket fire today…”. Makes me want to call up the “reporter” and ask “Excuse me. ‘Exchange’ does not describe what happened correctly. How about “Palestinians fired high-explosive rockets blindly into Israeli cities today attempting to kill as many civilians as they could while the Israelis very carefully fired back while attempting to avoid as many civilian casualties as possible.”

When Iran throws their first nuke into Israel, how much do you want to bet the US media manages to blame Israeli ‘provocation’ and tries to cast the attack as a “Oh, don’t hit them back, that would make Israel look like a bully.”

Ok, I’m done venting. Worrying, not so much…

The “Anonymous” hacker group is organizing attempts to attack Israeli websites, including military sites.

Thanks to them for showing their true antisemitic leftist colors, and best wishes to Mossad in hunting them down.

Baruk Hashem Thank you sir. I used to watch BBC for truth but now I just log on and find your site.

PM Netanyahu remembers that Israel already has a superpower benefactor because he has read the book and believes the book.
Israel is forever. No, there won’t be another holocaust because the ancient prophets of old, i.e. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel tells us what is going to happen. The Jews WIN!
Our duty is to pray to G-d for the peace of Jerusalem, not agree with the mullahs in Iran, Gaza, or Bethlehem. If you visited the Holy Land only once, you would sense the supernatural presence of the Ancient of Days and know that Israel is forever. The GLC channel supports the Barak Brigade that does some major whoop a$$ in Galilee. Support the Israel military, folks!