That’s the response I have received so far to my multiple requests for an interview with the Fordham University President, Father Joseph M. McShane.

Among other things, I wanted to ask him why he chose uniquely to publicly shame the Fordham Republicans and Ann Coulter, while the University welcomes infanticide supporter Peter Singer.

I address this topic again in a post at College Insurrection, Fordham — Coulter bad, OWS supporting Prof who calls Republicans evil, stupid, hateful and psycho, good.

The Forham College Republicans were not officially censored, but they were treated by the Fordham administration and others on the Fordham campus in a manner which caused them to self-censor.

The persons (more on that later) at the Fordham Republicans who made the decision to rescind the invitation to Coulter should have shown more backbone, but that’s easier said than done when young people are relatively isolated on a campus and facing a firestorm of criticism to which the University administration was a party.

That self-censorship, when the result of inconsistenly applied standards by the head of a University, is just as pernicious as the real thing.

Update 11-17-2012Fordham v. Coulter week at College Insurrection


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