Lawrence O’Donnell’s on screen theatrics have been featured here frequently:

O’Donnell is far more twisted than any of the other MSNBC hosts. Chris Matthews, by comparison, is a model of self-control.

But this one, based on the false meme that Tagg Romney threatened to punch Obama, is in a class of its own (video h/t Hot Air):

O’Donnell grew up having to fight in his neighborhood?  Okay.  Here’s part of his Wikipedia bio:

O’Donnell was born in Boston on November 7, 1951; the son of Frances Marie (née Buckley), an office manager, and Lawrence Francis O’Donnell, Sr., an attorney. He attended St. Sebastian’s School ’70, where he was captain of his baseball team, and graduated from Harvard College in 1976.  While at Harvard, he wrote for the Harvard Lampoon and was popular among its members due to his wit and sarcasm.  [footnotes omitted]

St. Sebatsian’s private school and Harvard College?  Son of a famous and successful trial lawyer?

Those must have toughened young Lawrence up to fight for his life on the mean streets of Boston:

“In our family, my mother was the sophisticate,’’ said her son Lawrence O’Donnell Jr. of Santa Monica, Calif., who hosts “The Last Word’’ on MSNBC. “She was the one who always went to the Boston Ballet and took us to the theater. She liked the opera and all sorts of things I could never bring myself around to liking.’’

Please MNSBC, get the man some help.


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