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Lawrence O’Donnell lectures Herman Cain on how to be black in the segregated South

Lawrence O’Donnell lectures Herman Cain on how to be black in the segregated South

This is possibly the most offensive interview sequence I’ve ever seen.

Lawrence O’Donnell lectures and snidely criticized Herman Cain, who was a minor when Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus in 1955 and in high school for the desegregation fights in the late 1950s and early 1960s, for not participating in civil rights demonstrations later in the 1960s.  The Freedom Rides referenced in the interview and as to which O’Donnell lambasted Cain for not participating, were in 1961, when Cain was in high school.

Here are some memorable O’Donnell questions:

Where do you think black people would be sitting on the bus today if Rosa Parks had followed your father’s advice [for Herman not to make trouble if told to sit in the back of the bus; my note, Cain was 9 years old at the time of Parks’ act of defiance.]

You watched black college students from around the country and white college students from around the country come to the south and be murdered, fighting for the rights of African-Americans; do you regret sitting on the sidelines at that time?

How easy it is for a liberal like O’Donnell to lecture someone who lived through it.  If this had been a Fox News interview of a black liberal candidate, there would be an uproar and demands for a firing.

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The full interview is here.


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I have a lily-white sixteen-year-old son, and I have given him the same advice that Mr. Cain got at that age.

Mr. Cain handled it well. I like him.

Who is this guy who is interviewing Herman Cain? Does he have, like a TV show? Lawrence somebody? Never heard of him.

    oldbiker1 in reply to Deekaman. | October 7, 2011 at 1:52 am

    He’s a left-wing socialist who hates black people. He’s one of the most irritating people on the Internet — an absolute piece of you know what (the word starts with the letter s).

Mr. O’Donnell is not a liberal. He is a self-described socialist. Of course, one might argue that there is no essential difference.

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Why is anyone surprised that Lawrence, “I am a socialist”, O’Donnell would attack a conservative like Cain that way.
O’Donnell would do anything he could to neutralize any damage Herman Cain could do to Obama’s Black vote Majority. If Cain could get 25-30% of the Blacks off the Democrat Plantation It would be huge.
O’Donnell and Obama, Marxists have to stick together. (I know he admitted to being only a Socialist but his true colors would cost him influence, so he only acknowledges to be a Marxist light (Socialist)

Oh My Gosh. Governor Perry has a rock in his past. Mr. Cain doesn’t have a rock in his past. What will we do? Both will be better than Mr. Obama, who has probably smoked rocks. But never mind that. Mr. Cain is fortunate he had good parents who must have loved him. How long until the election, if we have one?

This has got to be one of the most offensive things I have ever seen in my life, bar none.

White superior douchebag Lawrence O’ Donnell spends 5 minutes berating a 65-year-old freaking black man who grew up in Atlanta freaking Georgia on whether he quite did enough re: fighting for civil rights during his high school years.

The snide superiority is jawdropping. From a weasly little white boy “journalist” who never lived Cain’s life or faced his challenges, it’s nauseating.

You might like to read about a related encounter between Tom Smothers and Bill Cosby.

What a jerk.

And that’s the polite version of my comments as I watched!

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I’ve never seen a more demeaning disgusting interview. And I’m not that much of a Cain supporter. I’m in the ABO camp. Cain showed more restraint that I ever thought possible. He showed a lot of courage going on such an ignorant and racist show.

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Someone might point out that Mr O’Donnell’s wiki entry fails to mention any contributions from him to the Civil Rights movement. The fact he was age 13-17 during the period Mr Cain was in college, I think, should not excuse him for such non-participation.


It’s a joke for O’Donnell to lecture Cain in this way. He didn’t live the life blacks lived in the deep south. And for him to take the high road with Cain is uncoscionable. A lot of people were downright mean (to quote somebody self important). I’ll tell you something I witnessed when I was seventeen…many years ago long before desegration. I was on a bus going home and the bus stopped at a bus stop. There was a black man on crutches running as fast as he could to catch the bus. The driver waited until the black guy was at the doors and he closed them in the guy’s face and drove off. I couldn’t believe this happened. I was afraid to speak out because the driver would have put me out in the middle of a black ghetto if I did. However, I called the bus company to complain and got nowhere. Any white person who stood up for blacks in the name of common decency was called n—er lovers. A lot of times this kind of people were in high authority and used their offices to push their hatred. I lived in Birmingham and most of us did not treat blacks like this. I often thought it was people who came from the rural areas of the south to the big city who acted like this. I never forgot this incident and the total injustice of it.

I forgot to say that Lawrence O’Donnell is probably one of THE most offensive personalities in the media. And that is saying a lot. I watched this guy for years and put up with that smarmy look on his face. I dislilke him intensely and started turning off the TV when he came on. He is worse than Geraldo if you can believe it.

Mr. Cain once again demonstrates his capacity to incapacitate those who would demean him.

The more I hear from him, the better I like him. Of all the GOP hopefuls, he is the only one who is a square shooter and the country sure needs a president who’ll tell it like it is.


I’ve never heard of this O’Donnell character but I certainly have Cain on my short list of leaders to replace the flaccid paper president we now have. For a white man to lecture a black man on what he SHOULD have done during the civil rights movement… I can’t think of anything more incredulous. Of course, left leaning a-wipes don’t see it that way.

Man! The nasty, staccato assault of his badgering was showing his liberal bias so clearly you could see it from outer space.

Here’s a lesson fo you, Lawrence: EVERY black person was participating in the civil rights movement on a day-to-day basis at that time in history. Just saying, “Don’t call me that” or “Treat me like a human being” was enough. They didn’t ALL have to go to every “official” civil rights function. They were living it, you ass.

And that smirk as Herman’s talking to him! What a creep!

So why didn’t Lawrence O’Donnell get his lily white ass out of St. Sebastian’s School and go to the South to protest ?

Lawrence is a racist and a jerk. Next question.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | October 7, 2011 at 1:10 am

Amazing.. Do Liberals really believe and think, that political ideology, determines race, or skin color..
O’Donnell, Mathews, Schultz, Maddow.. are all so infinitely moronic, and live in a complete world of idiocy and luancy, it’s just astounding, let alone astronomical..

Next Twitter question:

Why wasn’t Herman Cain a civil-rights protestor fighting off police dogs while simultaneously killing Viet Cong and excelling in school all before the age of 13?

Next Twitter question:

Why won’t Herman Cain admit his father was basically a white supremicist for trying to protect his minor son’s future?

Last Twitter question:

Doesn’t Herman Cain know that the adult, gentlemanly thing to do when a young, smug, know-it-all, white lefty moron thinks he’s being clever in being insulting is to fly into a fit of rage, cuss, storm off … and not smile and be gracious at the end?

LukeHandCool (who thinks Mr. Cain has more questions to answer. For example, he was born in 1945 … well before the start of the Korean War … and I hear he avoided that one, too).

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aguyfromjersey | October 7, 2011 at 7:00 am

So, Obama is not responsible for hanging out with a former terrorists, who do his terrorizing when he was 9 years old, but Cain should be ashamed that he did not join the boycott when he was 9 years old?
Just wanted to get it straight in my mind.

“This is possibly the most offensive interview sequence I’ve ever seen.”

I guess you’re admitting you haven’t caught O’Donnell’s act very often. Think spleen.

He’s taking the race card away from them. It may have been the last card they hold that works in the real world. No wonder progressives are mad.

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O’Donnell lecturing Cain about “sitting on the sidelines?” The same O’Donnell who admitted he doesn’t criticize radical Muslims because he fears for his life??

[…] that he admitted he does precisely the same thing for the reason Cain’s father told Cain. Check it: Where do you think black people would be sitting on the bus today if Rosa Parks had followed your […]

Ahhhh, yes, brave Lawrence O’Donnell, the man who admitted on national television that he wouldn’t do a story critical of Muslims because he was afraid of them.

Question for Mr. Lawrence:

To burnish your Liberal bona fides, I assume you can provide documented proof that as an of-legal-age adult you personally supported and participated in the speak-truth-to-power, world-changing, anti-slavery activities of William Wilberforce in England.

What’s that, Larry? You say it predates your being of legal age? You claim that weren’t even there? Hmmph. Sounds like a a pretty thin alibi to me; you’re just stonewalling and refusing to answer the question!

Lawrence O’Donnell? Really? Lawrence O’Donnell has the gall to lecture Herman Cain on how to be a black man in the segregated South? REALLY? I certainly hope he wasn’t trying to imply that Mr. Cain was somehow a COWARD, because that would be ironic like nothing else. I mean, we are talking about Vietnam War draft dodger Larry O’Donnell, right? Larry O’Donnel, the draft dodging draft dodger who dodged the draft?

O’Donnell isn’t fit to shine Mr. Cain’s shoes.

@Hube and @radar

Yep. Sounds just like the “edgy,” “pushing-the-envelope,” “courageous” British comedian (his name escapes me) who always mocks Christians, but who, probably in an unguarded moment, admitted he wouldn’t mock muslims because he didn’t want to be beheaded.

They are always so artistically brave when their target isn’t dangerous to them.

Hope it’s okay to post a link to another blog, Professor. I just enjoyed this post:

“Privileged White Man Questions Black Man’s Commitment to Civil Rights”

SmokeVanThorn | October 7, 2011 at 12:44 pm

Doesn’t O’Donnell have any relatives who can get him some help?

I didn’t see any evidence of Lawrence lecturing Herman Cain. The man was doing an interview, while selling his book, and was asked some questions based on his own writings in his book.

And then, he got caught in his own lies. I’m disappointed with Herman Cain because he doesn’t understand the importance of the Civil Rights movement, and what it did for him.

The Civil Rights Movement allowed Herman Cain to be a coward, and sit on the sidelines, when he, by his education level, was in a huge position to make a huge difference. With that track record, you cannot surmise his leadership translates to effective leadership of a nation.

America is not a pizza joint.

“I am offended by all the men who joined ,like john kerry”…..that part really p1ssed me off…i mean he just told him that they thought he could better serve his country working where he was…..

so how did the draft dodger barry obomo miss out on serving the military and what about the real draft dodger slick willy….now there’s a patriot.

Maybe Cain’s father believe his son could better contribute by getting a college education. Just because someone isn’t out marching or on the front line doesn’t mean that person isn’t contributing. Martin Luther King Jr. felt actress Michelle Nichols’ greatest contribution to the movement was playing “Lt. Uhura” on “Star Trek.”

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