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Condi Rice v Lawrence O’Donnell

Condi Rice v Lawrence O’Donnell

A person who knows the facts, versus an agenda-driven hack so-called journalist who has all the talking points on the tip of his tongue.

The person with the facts wins.

Gets particularly interesting around th 8:00 mark, for those of you who have work to do and can’t watch the whole thing:

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Class against crass. Condi wins.

O'Donnell should be on "The View." He exhibits the same mental acuity and grasp of facts as Joyless Behar and Whoopie Cushion Goldberg. Great seeing Condi chew him up and spit him out!

I'm astounded at her self-control. There were about three or four instances where I would have reached over and smacked him upside the head.

O'Donnell is an argumentative idiot. His sole motivation is to embarrass his guest.

O'Donnell is sickening. Saying that today's known knowns should have affected decisions YEARS AGO? Unless you have a time machine, Lawrence, what they knew at the time is relevant, NOT what we know now.


What a classy lady. Thank you for giving me a chance to hear this session.

Love to see someone pwn a leftist hack like Lawrence O'Donnell. Republicans – take note! That is how you take down these hacks.

I want Dr. Rice for my President!

He's such a smug jerk. But, you know what? This reminds me of law school – actually quite perfectly. In any given law school you experience somewhere around 30 different professors. I had 31. Of those, 28 were absolute Lawrence O'Donnell style jerk-offs. Closed-minded, reflexively Leftist/Statist, impervious to fact, incapable of treating students with civility, personally nasty. These are people, who, by their very nature, reject the foundational precepts of rational inquiry and dispassionate pursuit of the truth. But for the naming convention, these people are religious fanatics. Except their deity is themselves and the power they wield or seek to wield.

Ol Lesbian Sex Larry ODingDong at it again. During the 2004 VP debates, Larry was on a mission to make certain the presumably conservative supporters of Dick Cheney would know that Cheney had a lesbian daughter. And not only that, the lesbian daughter engaged in "lesbian sex". Lesbian Sex Larry set a world record for using a two word phrase 30 times in 90 seconds. Of course the word was "lesbian sex".

However the Cheney Bush supporters–looking at Jean Fraud Kerry would still have voted for Bush-Cheney even if Cheney's lesbian daughter had sex with female elephants.

Nice try Larry–you little twit.

I can't look at this smug, sanctimonious so-and-so without recalling his call for the secession of the Northeastern states from our Union following Bush's easy re-election in 2004.

In the immortal words of that famous folk-philosopher, Bugs Bunny: "What a maroon."

I admire Condi Rice so much. She wasn't giving him an inch, and with her usual grace and elegance. He looked like a fool here.

That's what we in the old neighborhood of Englewood Chicago calls "Getting Pimped". O'Donnell is so far out of depth, he needs scuba gear,

Dr. Rice is so on point with the facts, O'Donnell had to have Maddow come in and move the goalposts again, AFTER he had his ass handed to him.

Condo knocks out O'Donnell in the first round. Total mismatch. Crowd demands their money back.