You remember Aunt Bea.  The Aunt on Elizabeth Warren’s mother’s side who supposedly a thousand times told Warren that Warren’s maternal ancestors had “high cheekbones like all the Indian’s do.”

Those ancestors, of course, were not Cherokee or Native American, and even Warren identified Aunt Bea as White on her death certificate. 

It is likely Warren made up or grossly exaggerated this family lore, as Aunt Bea’s family always was identified as White, including Warren’s maternal great grandfather who famously shot an Indian

How convenient to blame Aunt Bea’s stories for Warren falsely claiming to be Native American at a critical time in the campaign.

Now Warren is using Aunt Bea as a campaign prop again in a Boston Globe puff piece, Family long a bedrock for Elizabeth Warren:

Years before she became a distinguished Harvard Law professor, a nationally recognized consumer activist, and a presidential appointee, Elizabeth Warren was a working mother whose grasp on the first rung of the career ladder was slipping.

She had moved to Texas for her husband’s career and landed her first job teaching law school. But her toddler and 7-year-old had burned through seven child care arrangements in six months. Nobody was happy.

“My Aunt Bee had called me, and I started to cry,” Warren recalled. “And I said, ‘I just can’t do this. I think I’m going to quit.’ ”

Her aunt calmed her down and instructed her to wipe her nose, Warren recalled.

Then Aunt Bee told her, “ ‘Well, Sweetie, I can’t get there tomorrow. But I can be there Thursday,’ ” Warren said. “And she arrived with seven suitcases and a Pekingese and stayed for 15 years.”…

In Warren’s family lore, Aunt Bee was a character all her own, a secretary who lived independently most of her life, but who married a man named Stanley, divorced, and remarried when he drifted back into her life. She never had children, but spoiled those around her, first Elizabeth and then her young children.

Even The Globe, in its adoration, had to note a touch of reality of the progressive superstar:

Her colorful anecdotes, though, may take some liberties. Last spring, Warren was mocked for saying she had been the “first nursing mother to take a bar exam in the state of New Jersey,” an assertion she could not support….

Warren’s aunt emerged this campaign season in the debate over her family heritage. After Warren told reporters that Aunt Bee had always envied her mother’s high Indian cheekbones, the aunt’s death certificate revealed that Warren had identified her as white, not as American Indian.

I don’t believe a word Warren says. About almost anything.

But apparently a near majority of Massachusetts do, or don’t care about her ethnic fraud, as Warren is ahead by low-to-mid single digits in most polls.

I have not given up hope, at all. 

But if Warren does get elected, this story will not be over.

I will see to it that no matter how many accolades Warren receives from the Massachusetts liberals who closed their eyes to Warren’s abuse of the Cherokees, the truth will be known.