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Elizabeth Warren still using Aunt Bea as campaign prop

Elizabeth Warren still using Aunt Bea as campaign prop

You remember Aunt Bea.  The Aunt on Elizabeth Warren’s mother’s side who supposedly a thousand times told Warren that Warren’s maternal ancestors had “high cheekbones like all the Indian’s do.”

Those ancestors, of course, were not Cherokee or Native American, and even Warren identified Aunt Bea as White on her death certificate. 

It is likely Warren made up or grossly exaggerated this family lore, as Aunt Bea’s family always was identified as White, including Warren’s maternal great grandfather who famously shot an Indian

How convenient to blame Aunt Bea’s stories for Warren falsely claiming to be Native American at a critical time in the campaign.

Now Warren is using Aunt Bea as a campaign prop again in a Boston Globe puff piece, Family long a bedrock for Elizabeth Warren:

Years before she became a distinguished Harvard Law professor, a nationally recognized consumer activist, and a presidential appointee, Elizabeth Warren was a working mother whose grasp on the first rung of the career ladder was slipping.

She had moved to Texas for her husband’s career and landed her first job teaching law school. But her toddler and 7-year-old had burned through seven child care arrangements in six months. Nobody was happy.

“My Aunt Bee had called me, and I started to cry,” Warren recalled. “And I said, ‘I just can’t do this. I think I’m going to quit.’ ”

Her aunt calmed her down and instructed her to wipe her nose, Warren recalled.

Then Aunt Bee told her, “ ‘Well, Sweetie, I can’t get there tomorrow. But I can be there Thursday,’ ” Warren said. “And she arrived with seven suitcases and a Pekingese and stayed for 15 years.”…

In Warren’s family lore, Aunt Bee was a character all her own, a secretary who lived independently most of her life, but who married a man named Stanley, divorced, and remarried when he drifted back into her life. She never had children, but spoiled those around her, first Elizabeth and then her young children.

Even The Globe, in its adoration, had to note a touch of reality of the progressive superstar:

Her colorful anecdotes, though, may take some liberties. Last spring, Warren was mocked for saying she had been the “first nursing mother to take a bar exam in the state of New Jersey,” an assertion she could not support….

Warren’s aunt emerged this campaign season in the debate over her family heritage. After Warren told reporters that Aunt Bee had always envied her mother’s high Indian cheekbones, the aunt’s death certificate revealed that Warren had identified her as white, not as American Indian.

I don’t believe a word Warren says. About almost anything.

But apparently a near majority of Massachusetts do, or don’t care about her ethnic fraud, as Warren is ahead by low-to-mid single digits in most polls.

I have not given up hope, at all. 

But if Warren does get elected, this story will not be over.

I will see to it that no matter how many accolades Warren receives from the Massachusetts liberals who closed their eyes to Warren’s abuse of the Cherokees, the truth will be known.


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The abuse of Native Americans by the Warren family has to stop.

ShakesheadOften | October 25, 2012 at 1:22 pm

I saw a Warren ad on TV the other day. She’s trying to use the threat of Republican control of the Senate as the rationale for people to vote for her. So, basically, she’s saying “vote out one of the few moderates in the Senate so I can help ensure gridlock for at least the next two years.”

And, yes, knowing what a liar she is makes it extremely difficult to stomach that MA voters are probably going to send her to DC.

FreshPondIndians | October 25, 2012 at 1:24 pm

Aunt Bee pinched her high cheekbones and appeared at Elizabeth’s house, ala Mary Poppins. She regaled the children with tales of Indian lore and cooked them many heirloom recipes out of the venerated Pow Wow Chow cookbook.

she deserves whatever you do, just be watchful for the white whale.

Warren’s exploitation of fraudulent Native American heritage is shameful. She should be prosecuted for misleading the EEOC or causing Harvard to mislead the EEOC.

2nd Ammendment Mother | October 25, 2012 at 2:11 pm

What a whiner! 2 kids, a cushy UT Law School teaching post a husband with a very nice comfortable good paying job and she “just couldn’t do it”?

I had 4 kids under the age of five – all in daycare, working full time as a special ed teacher, a husband working 80+ hours a week – first as an unpaid intern and then getting what became our business off the ground. We were constantly broke and never asked our families to help (sill us, we thought we were adults) and guess what – we made it just fine and never once whined about it.

Sadly, Waren is starting to pull away from Brown. It has nothing to do with Indians. Warren is blanketing the TV and Radio with an ad that falsely implies Brown is not Pro-Choice (because he voted against Kagan), is against fair pay for women (because he voted against the ridiculous election year act) and he is against women access to contraceptives (because he supported Catholic church’s right to not give out contraceptives). The basis for the ad has been carefully scripted, including getting Warren to speak ina debate soundbite about these three things and using that debate footage in the ads.

And its working. Sickening really.

I did a mini survey in my office of 3 women. They all are convinced that Brown is “really not” supportive of women and claim that they each reviwed Brown’s voting record (claiming ad has no impact).

Brown is countering with an ad featuring his wife. It is not very effective. Brown need to start a new ad campaign ASAP forcefully addressed to women’s issues. And ad featuring Mayor Bloombery would help too.

Brown seems to have gone passive lately. Hope he is waiting for strategic reasons.

    1. Sadly, Waren is starting to pull away from Brown.

    I noticed that at RealClearPolitics and Intrade.

    2. Plenty of Brown signs here in Central MA. They outnumber the Warren signs by about 3:1. However, back in 2010 the Brown signs outnumbered the Coakley signs by about 10:1.

    3. I got a haircut on Tuesday. During my 40 minutes in the shop, the radio played two Warren ads. None for Brown.

    4. In the last two weeks I’ve gotten three mailers from the Brown campaign going negative on Warren. Somehow they don’t make an impact. Maybe it’s because of the incongruity with Brown’s prior nice-guy image.

    5. My LI comments sometime ago were raising two serious concerns about Brown’s strategy. These concerns remain. I’ll say no more in the home stretch. If Brown loses, I will release stuff that I am bottling up; if he wins, it will be a pleasure to recant.

      Ave in reply to gs. | October 25, 2012 at 4:45 pm

      Brown’s strategy has been dismal. He threw away his biggest asset, his nice-guy image, by attacking Warren.

      The Professor shares significant blame here, because the Native American issue had no chance of connecting with the average voter in uber-liberal Massachusetts. By pushing it so hard, Professor Jacobson may well have influenced Brown’s campaign to go with this losing strategy.

      After the election, Senator-elect Warren should send a thank-you note to Professor Jacobson.

“I will see to it that now (sic) matter how many accolades Warren receives from the Massachusetts liberals who closed their eyes to Warren’s abuse of the Cherokees, the truth will be known.”

Thanks to you, professor, the truth is known, though more seems to ooze out with each passing week. One wonders, how much more can there be? You’ve made case against Warren and her supporters; while further indictments are probably useless, see it through these last several days.

The Warren Liberal-Massachusetts-Voter love-in is a microcosm of everything wrong with today’s progressives. It is a collection of the willing, self-deluding (“eyes closed”), self-satisfied—from multi-millionaire Hollywood mogul to free cell phone streeter, led by a cheap, gold plated, dishonest, self promoting, one-trick, entitled huckster who keeps them all in their place. Elizabeth Warren has abused the Cherokees, who characteristically fought back; she has abused the diversity programs she and her ilk are so fond of, and continues to make a mockery of the institutions and professions she’s associated with (who apparently don’t embarrass easily) and Massachusetts’ liberal voters. There’s a PhD in this Petri Dish somewhere.

casualobserver | October 25, 2012 at 3:04 pm

She may be one of the worst candidates this season, but it looks like the Globe is dying to award her storyteller of the 21st Century. I wouldn’t object…..

1. “My Aunt Bee had called me, and I started to cry,” Warren recalled. “And I said, ‘I just can’t do this. I think I’m going to quit.’ ”

This is reminiscent of the “Hillary cries” episode during the 2008 New Hampshire primary. The ploy worked because the ensuing women’s vote gave her an upset win over Obama.

2. Warren, obviously, is trying the same shtick. She has her eyes not only on the Senate but on the White House. So, obvously, do her out-of-state donors. This is a dangerous demagogue.

3. But if Warren does get elected, this story will not be over.

I will see to it that no matter how many accolades Warren receives from the Massachusetts liberals who closed their eyes to Warren’s abuse of the Cherokees, the truth will be known.


Let’s cross that bridge if we come to it; hopefully we won’t.

I think it’s a given that if Warren wins the Senate race, she will run for President in 2016.

Scott Brown has millions in his coffers. He should be running a dynamic ad campaign, but he isn’t.

How any decent liberal could vote for affirmative action- abusing Warren is beyond me.

    How any decent liberal could vote for affirmative action- abusing Warren is beyond me.

    Decent liberals won’t vote for Warren, but I take it you don’t live in Massachusetts. A couple of weeks ago, I remarked:

    …The prosperous, superbly credentialed, highly intelligent, deeply caring people who are so numerous in MA accept Warren’s narrative at face value and defend it ferociously.

    Because they’re running the same scam Warren is. Wrecking the country for their own benefit while pretending to be stewards. (Some of them believe their own BS.)

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to jemTX. | October 25, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    How could any true liberal vote for the misogynist Bill Clinton?

    How could any true liberal vote for the racist Robert Byrd.

    How could any true liberal vote for the misogynistic killer Ted Kennedy?

    I think we just invented a new pastime!

TrooperJohnSmith | October 25, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Ever the wise Latina Indian woman of color, Aunt Bea rasped, her voice ruined by years of hard labor as a working woman of the Great Plains, “I kin he’p ya ra’t there Lizzie Darlin’. A’hm ‘a gonna call yore two great aunts down from up to the badlands ‘a southeastern Oklahoma.”

The reference wasn’t lost on young Elizabeth. She knew that her two Cherokee great-aunts, Foxy Lady and Goes To Town Alot, had been hiding in the same place where Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd had eluded the five-oh. They’d fled there just after brazenly breastfeeding their Irish twins while taking the State of Oklahoma Bar Saloon Exam during the late 1930s.

“‘Em two ol’ gals kin come rat down here to Texas and give you a hand with them lil’ papooses ‘a yers.” Aunt Bea hacked and spat bloody phlegm into the cuspidor she kept strapped to the ankle, a bitter reminder of her years working in the asbestos mines that sit beneath the Great Plains. “Yess’um, we gonna git these two kids ‘a raised by yer Cherokee blood kin.”

Elizabeth was overcome with emotion and fought back tears. “I… I… don’t know how to thank you Aunt Bea”, she said, looking up at the old woman’s wrinkled face, the poignant vestiges of many years roughnecking during the Oklahoma and Texas oil booms of the Twenties and Thirties. “How can I ever repay you?”

Aunt Bea stepped to the window of the humble, one room apartment where they all lived together, as if it were an ancient tee-pee, standing against the vast, vaulting sky of the Great Plains. She slapped a fly against the spotless window, staining the glass with its pitiful entrails and smiled at some ancient joke. “Lizzie, hon. You can do one thang but not for me.”

Aghast, Elizabeth exclaimed, “But Auntie…”

The old woman touched her niece’s lips softly, stopping her in mid-sentence. “No child. I ain’t askin’ nothin’ for me. I jis’ want you to live yer life as a woman of color. Of a RED color.” A soft flute began playing somewhere in the distance. She continued, “Our people came from a land far, far away…”

“Were they Jedi, Aunt Bea?” Elizabeth asked, wide-eyed.

“No, little princess. They wuz Cherokee. The Irish brung ’em here from North Carolina. Them’s yer people.”


“‘At’s rat darlin’. So lis’en to yer great-aunts, an’ live yore life as a Cherokee Princess”, Aunt Bea said, her glass eye sparkling. “An’ from today on, yore Indian name will be special. Yer gonna be called ‘Fly Guts On A Windowpane.'”

“Why that, Aunt Bea? I want something pretty.”

The old woman made a face. Her teeth, stained from years of blowing dust on the Great Plains, clicked loudly as she struggled to form words. “Well, sis, it’s like this. The rule ‘a namin’ Indians is based on what ya sees first. T’was yer bad luck that I swatted that durned fly. But it could ‘a been worse.”

“How so, Auntie?” Elizabeth asked.

The old woman pointed out the window. “Jis’ be glad ah’ didn’t first see them two dogs over there that’s ‘a fu*kin’.”