I had the pleasue of spending a full hour on the radio with Dan Rea at WBZ 1030 (CBS Boston), a true superstation that covers all of New England and into New York.

Dan made a point during the hour that character matters, and that Elizabeth Warren’s character is a legitimate issue.

I had a chance to explore both the Cherokee and law practice issues in a depth not normally permitted in the mass media.  It’s one of the reasons why I love going on Dan’s show, no need for 2 minute sound bites. Here’s the audio:

Nightside with Dan Rea — William A. Jacobson, October 8, 2012

Proving the point, Brown has pulled ahead by four points.  I don’t think you can read too much into it, since prior polling tended to show Warren ahead by a similar margin. We’ll find out in coming days whethe it is the start of a trend or an outlier.  This was the first poll taken after the Romney-Obama debate, so perhaps Brown is getting a Romney bounce much as Warren got a DNC bounce.

More important on the characgter issue, the poll confirms that the Native American issue is important to a significant percentage of the electorate, Viia WBUR:

A new WBUR poll (PDFs — topline, crosstabs) finds a turn in the U.S. Senate race. Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Scott Brown now leads his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, 47 to 43 percent. The survey, conducted Oct. 5-7, has a 4.4 percent margin of error.

In WBUR’s last Senate poll, conducted in September, Warren led Bbrown by two points.

On the Native American issue, fully 30% found it very important or somewhat important in how they will vote:

And a slightly higher percentage of independents (32%) and non-whites (32%)

Character matters.

And in a race which swings in the polls by a couple of percentage points in either direction, it could be the difference.

Which is why we are not giving up on either the Cherokee or law practice issue one bit.