One of the great successes of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has been to destroy the concept of truth and falsity when it comes to ancestry.  What you believe, or what you were told, becomes the operative standard.

The effect has been to excuse Warren’s ethnic fraud in the minds of liberals who never “checked the box” based on their own questionable family lore.  The honest questioning of one’s own ancestry becomes the excuse for exonerating Warren from a decades-long attempt to take advantage for employment purposes of a status she knew she did not meet.

I wrote previously about the writer at The NY Times who concluded “When it comes to family lore, true and false are often beside the point”

Here is another example, Susan Parker writing at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Me and Elizabeth Warren

Parker recounts the supposedly traumatic childhood incident when she was confronted at an Italian-American event and questioned whether she was really Italian, because she didn’t look Italian:

Let me say here that my brother and sister and I did not look the least bit Italian as did our cousins. My blonde, blue-eyed grandmother was from the north of Italy. I must have heard a thousand times about some German sneaking over the Alps.

From that experience of looks not matching actual ancestry, Parker concludes:

Recalling the tale, the adults made a buffoon out of me, never understanding that the ugly questioning about my name, the stark challenge to my identity, had so terrified me.

Elizabeth Warren, I know your pain.

There are, of course, huge differences between Parker and Warren. 

Parker actually was part Italian, Warren is no part Native American; there would be no potential advantage from Parker’s ancestry, while Warren “checked the box” many times at a time when “minority” and “woman of color” status was a potential advantage; Parker self-identified as part Italian, Warren avoided Native Americans her entire life like the plague; Parker appears to speak honestly, Warren has not.

Dear Susan Parker, don’t feel Elizabeth Warren’s pain.  She has none. She’s a fake who got caught.


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