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They built it, even in Massachusetts

They built it, even in Massachusetts

Another kulak defending his harvest.

From reader “M” who sent this to me just after Empty Chair Day:

If this is showing up on the road in Massachusetts, maybe there is hope!

I took the photo today on Rt. 9 East thru Westboro, MA. Saw it last week, but couldn’t pull over in time to snap it. Made a point to stop today.

I teach history in a high school in Central Mass.

Your website – along with NRO’s Corner and Glenn Reynold’s at Instapundit – are an intellectual lifesaver. Helps one keep a sense of humor too. Thank you.

Wish I had taken my own empty chair photo somewhere in Boston – those photos are fantastic!

Keep up the good work!


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TrooperJohnSmith | September 16, 2012 at 8:15 am

The beautiful irony or ironic beauty of this photo is the name on the sign and what it tells us. ‘Shakour’ is hardly a name that dates back to the founding of America. Instead, it speaks of someone in a faraway place with a yearning to come to that fabulous dreamland called America, where anything is possible through hard work and inspiration. Yes, the Shakour’s probably know all about “building it”.

God Bless ’em. And the rest of us, too.

I saw this last night for the first time, on the way back from Worcester. I finally caved in to buying a smart phone and I still remain, untech savy.

Worcester had more than a few, but not a ton, of Warren yard signs. They were in front of poshy Victorians, not in the ethnically diverse neighborhoods, her supporters are afraid to go in.

In my hometown, I caught the first sighting of a Kennedy sign out in front of a local lawyers home. One.

When you’ve lost the beauty supplies segment…..

I know quite a few people in Massachusetts and every one of ’em is a conservative Republican. Still, their choice of candidates nearly always fare badly in most elections.

If the anointed one somehow slithers in and gets re-elected, it will sadly demonstrate on just how far “they” have progressed as to the dumbing down of America…

The electoral map of Massachusetts is curiously like the electoral map of the United States, in miniature. There are blue strips along the eastern and western edges (Boston and the Berkshires), and a big red area in the middle. We might call the red middle “drive-through country” (on the model of “fly-over country”), since it’s what the folks from Boston traverse on the Pike when going to their summer places in the Berkshires.

I’ll say a hearty, unequivocal, enthusiastic, loud ‘AMEN’ to that sign.

Let Obama go to Pakistan or Indonesia – oust him even from Chicago. His heart is really elsewhere.

And, let all who want Islam, Sharia Law and Sharia Banking go where those ideas and malevolent practices are befouling some other nation.