It’s not just Ray Gaster who is raising the “I built this” banner.

Readers have forwarded photos they just took of other businesses with similar signage.

From Sara:

Hi @Legal Insurrection. Here’s what a sign business in Boca Raton, Florida is prominently displaying.

Eight minutes ago in 91-degree post-Isaac sunshine.

From Sara, a Friend of the Blog

And this one from Griff taken a couple of days ago outside an auto body shop in Houston:

This auto body shop in NW Houston always has something entertaining on their marquee.

Love your blog.

I warned you about these kulaks, didn’t I?

Update 8-30-2012: Reader Nancy writes:

I took a photo of this sign at a family owned jewelry store in Prescott, Arizona.

Please add it to your collection if you like.

Keep up the great work!