Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes, whose group of researchers has done more than anyone to document Elizabeth Warren’s false claims to be Cherokee, was incensed at Warren’s continued insistence that she is Native American:

Let  me make one thing clear. Your Native American issue has not been put to rest.

You say your “ancestry” played no roll in your hiring. That is not the only  issue. You were listed as a minority in diversity reports. That is an issue. You  admit you made the schools aware of your “heritage.” They counted you as a  minority in their reports to the federal government when the criteria to list  you as such had a two part requirement – you had to have both the ancestry and  maintain tribal ties. Something you did or said led the two schools in question to believe you met those requirements despite the fact you didn’t….

You continue to skate around the issue by repeating the same story you heard growing up. You say you didn’t ask for documentation because you were a child. Excuse me, but you were not a child when you started “checking the box”; listing yourself in law  directories as a minority; or were counted as a Native American for diversity  reports.

You were instead, an adult, 37 years old, and a lawyer, when you  professionally “became” Native American.  To make matters worse, your  mother was still alive. Maybe children don’t ask  for documentation, but adult  lawyers should….

As  of today, you still refuse to release your personnel records from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School.  If there is nothing to hide, why? …

No one  really cares about your family or the stories you were told growing up, but we do care about your integrity. The “Cherokee flap” is important because it shows  what you have done when you thought no one was watching. It is important because it shows what you have done when you thought you wouldn’t get caught. And it is  important because it reveals you still think you can get away with it now that you have been caught.

Michael Patrick Leahy explains how Warren repeated old lies about her Native American ancestry:

In repeating her old claim that her parents were “forced to elope” because her mother had both Delaware and Cherokee Native American ancestry, Warren  retold a story Breitbart News debunked in June with an article that showed her parents were married in a religous ceremony twenty miles from their hometown. Subsequent reports showed that their hometown paper proudly announced the wedding within days after the ceremony was performed on January 4, 1932.

In the debate Thursday night, Professor Warren also claimed that “the people who hired me for my jobs have all made clear they didn’t even know about it until long after I was hired.” In fact, she admitted to the Boston Globe in May that she herself had told both Penn and Harvard she was a woman of color prior to her hiring as a full time professor by Harvard.

In addition, she self identified as a “woman of color” in an article published by the Harvard Women’s Law Journal in 1993, two years before she joined the Harvard Law School faculty as a tenured professor in 1995.

Last night was a debacle for Warren. The Native American issue and how she reported it to federal authorities through Harvard is not going to go away.


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