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Running on empty

Running on empty

A photo of Obama’s head hidden behind a teleprompter screen made news last week.

Friend of the blog, frequent PhotoShop artist, and photographer Patricia put her own impression on the image:

Patricia has been a little under the weather lately, and we look forward to her recovery and future contributions.


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An etch a sketch moment?

Perhaps that is the new tabla raza we are supposed to project upon him.

Ok I’ll play. Anti-American, economically illiterate, cryto-facist, dishonest, anti-religious bigot.

That’ll do for a start

It’s like he’s not even there ;~)

Another photo making the rounds last week was one of Obama misspelling “Ohio”

Obama misspells ‘Ohio’ at campaign stop—the-hill—if-he-were-sarah-palin-would-the-press-mock-the/question-3122005/?page=4&postId=91938671#post_91938671

Want a good belly laugh?

Check this out-

Fun Facts About Oiho

* Oiho became the 58th state on August 21, 2012 by executive order of President Obama, despite calls for the contrary by residents of the 57th state of North Virginia Carolina.

** The state is named “Oiho” which is a Native American Warren tribe word for “You didn’t build that teepee”.

Read the whole hilarious thing-

This is my favorite photo of Barack.
Amazing how it captures his essence.

A clothes hanger would only fill out that empty suit quite a bit more.

TOTUS: it’s only as strong as its weakest link.

Perhaps soon, Obama will start blaming the teleprompter for his failures.

That picture is the epitome of his presidency.

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