This video (via Above The Law, h/t tip from Badger Pundit) was taken on the edge of the Harvard Law School campus.  The building in the opening shot is a new building where Wyeth Hall, the dorm I lived in first year, used to stand.

They had a hard time corralling the wild turkey which somehow made its way into Cambridge, and the most brilliant part is at 2:05 where a woman asks, “Is that a hawk?”

Face palm.  Don’t look at me.  We knew our Wild Turkeys when I was in law school.  That’s why I’m not on the Supreme Court, and Elena Kagan is.


Update 4-16-2012:  Reader Patricia sends this photo and writes:

Took this a couple weeks ago. The turkey was courting about eight hens in our driveway. I was amazed at how brilliant its colors were–though the picture doesn’t reflect that. It’s very difficult to photograph wild turkeys as they are very alert. Plus, we were using a cheap camera and were taking it through a not yet spring-cleaned window.


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