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Not even Kiss-in protesters believed Obama “evolved”

Not even Kiss-in protesters believed Obama “evolved”

Barack Obama was for gay marriage (pre-presidential campaign), before he was against it (1st presidential campaign), before he was for it (urgent cash call during 2nd presidential campaign).

Did anyone believe Obama was telling the truth when he said he had “evolved” on the subject?  Rather than evolving, he spun in the political winds.

While covering the “Kiss-In” protesters outside a Chicago-area Chick-fil-A on Friday, I asked some of them if they had protested Barack Obama’s stance on gay marriage. Barack Obama, until recently, had been against gay marriage and in fact ran on that stance in 2008.

While one girl seemed caught off-guard by the question, the other two I interviewed were supportive of the President despite his prior position. One said, “People see the error of their ways, and Barack Obama saw the error of his ways.”

The other said that he never really believed President Obama’s beliefs mirrored his public stance:

I never really believe he was actually against it based on his previous actions while he was a senator. I just believed he was using it as a political ploy and now that attitudes have been shifting throughout his presidency I think he feels much more comfortable admitting it…he’s never been against us, whether or not he openly said, or said he was “evolving,” I always personally believed, “you’re not evolving, you’re just not willing to speak out about it.”

At least these Obama supporters were honest. More honest than Obama was when he said he had evolved.


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Come, come…

Let’s be candid. Obama does not “evolve”. He morphs. Those are very, very different things.

He will become…in the moment…who he thinks the white board should reflect for the purpose of convincing the audience he hopes to dupe.

You only need to look BEHIND what he says in that mode, and see who he is when he thinks the audience is his Collective.

I believe it was Kirsten Powers who said it best. His change was not evolution, but intelligent design.

Cassandra Lite | August 6, 2012 at 4:33 pm

“…I just believed he was using it as a political ploy and now that attitudes have been shifting throughout his presidency…”

In other words, Obama is a political coward who’s willing to sail only in the direction the winds are blowing. Good to know that that’s what earns their support and forgiveness.

Obama: “guilty as charged”…of raising his fist in God’s face

1. Good post. It’s worth keeping in mind now that the Left is renewing calls for “common-sense” gun control.

They’re not interested in common sense, and they’re not interested in common ground. They’re interested in power. Cooperate with them and they’ll be right back to ask or demand more, depending on how strong they think their hand is.

It’s a destructive way to behave in a two-party system, but it is what it is.

2. When approached by activists wrt an apparently worthy cause, I ask myself whether it’s a steppingstone to something rather different. My suspicions apply primarily, but unfortunately not exclusively, to the Left. The more innocuous and how could any reasonable person disagree?-ish the pitch, the greater my suspicions.

3. Obama does not evolve, he morphs.

Well said by Rags. On the same wavelength as Dr. Sanity is a good place to be.

The Obama campaign has descended into the panic stage where it will be difficult if not impossible to follow events.

Obfuscation, fabrication and outright lies will go into full production mode. The mud pits should enjoy a banner year for sales.

One curious development is some evidence of a slight shifting of the MSM and if this continues like it did during the late Carter period, Obama will be history.

I look forward to the campaign but wonder if I’ll survive not getting hit with a lethal embedded rock contained within all that mud…

Henry Hawkins | August 6, 2012 at 5:20 pm

‘Evolved’ is sort of an apt description of Obama’s position on gay marriage if you allow that one of the two requirements are met: his position did develop as a result of natural selection (his position became whatever the political environment of the moment made necessary for survival), but alas, you cannot say he changed from a simpler to a more complex position. Obama half-evolved, I guess.

Question for Obama supporters, especially gay marriage proponents:

What makes you think Obama’s position is done evolving? He’s ‘evolved’ from for it, to against it, to for it yet again. Wherefore your faith that his evolution is completed?

When Obama said he was against gay marriage, I believed it!

…The same way I believed it when Keannu Reeves played Hamlet.

It was obvious farce to appeal to older Dem voters.

My question for the gay folks:

Look at that remark “…now that attitudes have been shifting throughout his presidency…”

WHY have they been shifting? What’s changed? Could it be all those things we were told were “innocuous”: TV programs and such? Or could it have been all the attacks against people who preferred to stand their ground?

Was it a combination of those?

Was it… an… agenda?

JackRussellTerrierist | August 6, 2012 at 6:01 pm

No offense, Anne, but I don’t give a damn what these people think. Sorting it out, they’ve convinced themselves that obastard is on their side because he’s suddenly being true to himself. He just wants their money and, if he’s on their side, which nobody ever knows which side a chameleon is on, it’s because homosexuality is a more personal issue to him than people realize. Ahem.

What is most bizarre is he admitted he consulted with his daughters before reaching his decision. Really?

Flash-forward to a sudden brewing conflict in the Middle East. What to do? Oh MALIA! Oh SASHA! Please, come quick!

…and they know he’s really a Marxist too. He’s just not willing to speak out about it.

How can you trust a man who panders to an audience that’s going to vote for him anyway?