Barack Obama was for gay marriage (pre-presidential campaign), before he was against it (1st presidential campaign), before he was for it (urgent cash call during 2nd presidential campaign).

Did anyone believe Obama was telling the truth when he said he had “evolved” on the subject?  Rather than evolving, he spun in the political winds.

While covering the “Kiss-In” protesters outside a Chicago-area Chick-fil-A on Friday, I asked some of them if they had protested Barack Obama’s stance on gay marriage. Barack Obama, until recently, had been against gay marriage and in fact ran on that stance in 2008.

While one girl seemed caught off-guard by the question, the other two I interviewed were supportive of the President despite his prior position. One said, “People see the error of their ways, and Barack Obama saw the error of his ways.”

The other said that he never really believed President Obama’s beliefs mirrored his public stance:

I never really believe he was actually against it based on his previous actions while he was a senator. I just believed he was using it as a political ploy and now that attitudes have been shifting throughout his presidency I think he feels much more comfortable admitting it…he’s never been against us, whether or not he openly said, or said he was “evolving,” I always personally believed, “you’re not evolving, you’re just not willing to speak out about it.”

At least these Obama supporters were honest. More honest than Obama was when he said he had evolved.