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Obama gives opiates to the monied masses

Obama gives opiates to the monied masses

Headline of the Day, from Zeke Miller of BuzzFeed Politics, Gay Marriage Reversal Means Cash For Obama:

When politically convenient in 2008 Obama was against gay marriage on religious and principled grounds; when less convenient in 2012 because he is in need of campaign cash and wants to divert the public away from the economy, he’s for it.

Yet Obama couches his cynical ploy in the form of righteousness, bravery and hope.  He’s just feeding opiates to the masses.

They will snort it up at his $15 million Hollywood fundraiser tonight.

It was the same thing in 2008:

The genius of Obama is that he has taken a message of fear, and sold it as hope. And the public buys it.

Update: Yeah, pretty much:


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Hollywood fundraiser: Maybe Obama is going to Hollywood to talk up a movie part for his Julia. In exchange for the Obama administration ignoring Federal immigration laws Julia would star in a full length animated feature titled “Citizen Stepford.“ She could also play the lead in “Valley of the Avatars”.

Captain Hate | May 10, 2012 at 10:34 am

Fools and their money are soon parted to the Grifter in Chief.

[…] Obama gives opiates to the monied masses […]

I find it interesting that the President believes that this is a state issue, but not healthcare, education, abortion, etc. Romney could shut it down by saying that he agrees it is a state’s rights isse and that he is happy that the President finally understands that in America this issue, as well as most issues, should be handled at the state, not federal, level.

    This is not an issue important to voters. In a recent Pew poll, for instance, gay marriage came dead last on the list of issues. Economy and related topics are on top, of course. Gay marriage is something important to Democratic donors, though.

stevewhitemd | May 10, 2012 at 10:54 am

The whole gay marriage kerfluffle once again illustrates that Barack Obama has no core beliefs other than the mushy socialism fed to him by Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis. As a result he can’t lead, he can only follow.

As much as we make fun of Joe Biden (and we don’t make enough!), Joe at least has a core and thus can say what he thinks, even if what he thinks is sometimes pretty dumb. That’s why Joe was in the lead on this one: he actually knew what he believed and said it.

If I were in the Romney campaign this is the point I’d be hammering when I wasn’t hammering on the economy and jobs: Barack Obama has no core and can’t lead. He can’t respond to new situations at home or abroad because he can’t lead.

As I said yesterday in a comment, I understand that some people are conflicted on the issue. If Obama is conflicted fine, but as president people force him to come down on one side or the other. That he did so in such a backward, awkward, clumsy way simply reinforces that he has few core beliefs for which he’ll fight.

As a result, he panders.

Conservatives are not surprised.

Romney can and should stay away from social issues that the Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) will put up in their effort to paint Republicans as ‘extremists’. But it would be a neat trick to turn this one back on Obama: he can’t lead, he can’t follow, and he can’t even get out of the way.

LukeHandCool | May 10, 2012 at 11:27 am

My gay friend at work isn’t buying it.

He told me that he posted on his Facebook page how phony this move by Obama was.

He said one of his gay aquaintances then posted the reply,

“So you’re going to vote for the used-car salesman?”

My friend said he replied,

“Well, I’m not going to vote for the guy who wants to force me to buy a Chevy Volt.”

You pays your moneys, you gets your rides,or as a men’s clothing chain used to say on WABC (back in the good old days of radio) “Money talks, nobody walks!”

Mitt is stuck. He pandered to the homo lobby as gov, and let them get “marriage” while he got plausible deniability. (see

This whole issue gets defined by the left. I haven’t heard any discussion on fundamentals, e.g., What is marriage? Did the state create it? Why does the state have an interest in protecting it? I don’t think Mitt is up to the discussion, so he should drop it. Besides, this will cost votes for Hussein even though it raises money.

Bottom line, I’m trying to raise 4 kids, and all this amounts to is more pollution of the moral environment. Where is my EPA?

jimzinsocal | May 10, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Here is what I think happened. I believe the entire issue was cooked up to counter all the discussion about real campaign issues like the economy etc.
After what I believe was discussed…Biden goes out to fly the trial baloon. Do we really believe Biden is going to make big policy statements without Obama’s knowing? Hes a control freak.
Biden gets bigtime reaction. Suddenly its a big issue and seems to bump ecomomic talk off the media focus.
Obama decides its time to evolve as November gets closer. The team figures the hit they may take from black democrats wont be enough to hurt him when he considers the probable gain. Religious blacks are under the bus.
Now its as big as any campaign issue and dominates the news. Comparisons to Lincoln make all the Chris Mathew swoon in addition to the expected leg tingles.
Thats what I believe. There was no evolving or heartfelt change in attitude. It was a cold hard political gamble that seems to have worked so far. Money rolling in…redefined campaign message etc.

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