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If you have a mansion in Hyde Park, you didn’t build that

If you have a mansion in Hyde Park, you didn’t build that

No one gets rich on his own.

No one.

In Obama’s case, Tony built it.


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“Romney helped a couple buy house? Big deal, so did Tony Rezko.”

There are some nuanced differences, however…

Not exactly on topic, but something that can be looked into [IRS sends out 7 BILLION dollars in 2011 in tax refunds to immigrants]. How many are illegal? 24,000 refunds were sent to ONE address alone.
Here’s the story from a reputable source:

From the NYT:

And while the Stampses’ happy ending is a counterpoint to the image, seized upon by political opponents, of Mr. Romney as a cold, calculating financier, the episode also offers an early illustration of his appetite for deals promising low risk and high return.

What a jerk!

In contrast, Saint Obama offers high risk and low returns (negative returns, in fact), and he has the track record to back it up. Four! More! Years!

So that’s what he meant by “spread the wealth around.”

It got spread to Rev. Wright, too. His place is over 10,000 square feet in an exclusive neighborhood.

Caroline Glick grew up in Hyde Park.

She left and Obama moved in.

There went the neighborhood.

Phillep Harding | August 10, 2012 at 6:20 pm

Did Obama get his grade on his own? Or, did he copy someone else’s tests?

That’s a big assumption that he had any grades at all. No one in his graduating class seems to remember him. Say, did Columbia give out on line diplomas in the 1980s? That is probably the only explanation. Easy to seal what never was. No hacker in the world could find them if this is so.

OTOH, did he seal or caused to be sealed his drug record with the police also. This was a man who never was…a cipher who accomplished nothing during every office he held except the present one. Would that he had continued in that vein of doing nothing and being nothing. You would think that during his umpteen years in this country, he would have learned something about the traditions of the this country…even if only the number of states we have.

This administration is the most in-your-face corrupt operation in my lifetime of political observation.

If the anointed one somehow squeaks out another four years, we’ll get the government and nation we deserve.

Eviction Day is less than ninety days away… (I hope)