Via The Boston Herald:

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren have clashed about taxes, jobs and small businesses as their race heats up under the national spotlight — but their skirmishing took a detour this week as the rivals traded barbs on a simple question of honor.

Warren kicked off the moral second-guessing earlier this week in Springfield, demurring when a reporter asked if Brown “is an honorable person.”

Warren simply shrugged and said, “That’s not a question for me.”

Brown did not take that one lying down, nor should he.  When someone who has committed ethnic fraud over decades questions your honor, it’s time to hit back:

Brown, a Wrentham Republican, immediately seized on the non-answer and unloaded on the Harvard Law School professor.

“Yeah, I consider myself an honorable person,” he said yesterday while stumping in Westboro.

“What is honorable? If you look it up, it says, ‘Are you honest?’ Yeah, I try to do everything I can to be the best person I can be each and every day. Am I going to make mistakes? Sure, but when I do, I correct them, unlike Professor Warren when she misled the voters of Massachusetts and (the Herald) in part-icular about her Native American heritage.”

Brown insisted he believes Warren is honorable, but launched into other issues with the Cambridge Democrat.

“She failed to release her tax returns, she’s been misleading people about her ethnicity, claiming to be a woman of color when she in fact is not. I mean, I could go on and on,” he said.

Asked if he believes Warren is honorable despite his sharp list of criticisms about her, Brown said, “Yeah, of course. We disagree politically on pretty much everything, but of course I think she’s honorable.”

Elizabeth Warren is not what she seems.  Brown should keep hammering her on her record of deception.

Here was Warren’s campaign’s response to the controversy (via Herald):

Warren released a statement on the honor flap yesterday, saying, “I honor Senator Brown’s service to the state and the country, but I believe he has the wrong priorities for Massachusetts. Ultimately, it will be up to the voters to choose between us.”

She only honors Brown’s “service”.  What a malicious person.

Will Warren ever be held accountable, as she demands from others?